Digital Enterprise 

Driving the digital transformation by  integrating automation, software, and cutting-edge technologies.  
Digitalization is transforming industry

Thinking ahead to the future of industry

Optimise through the integration of digital technology at all levels as we dive into the fourth industrial revolution.


In this accelerated digital economy, more flexible production, greater productivity, and the development of new business models are all possible today thanks to digital solutions. But thefuture of industry offers even more potential: Cutting-edge technologies will create new opportunities for both discrete and process industries to fulfill their customers’ individual



The Digital Enterprise solution portfolio enables industrial companies of all sizes to implement current and future technologies for automation and digitalization. Thus, they can tap into the full potential of Industries 4.0 to make more technology-driven changes that will have a profound impact with future digital enterprise and get ready for the next level of their digital

transformation journey.

Why become a Digital Enterprise?

How business can remain competitive with unprecedented solutions presented by global digitalization

Embracing digital technology is not enough. In order to enable companies to make the most out of digitalization even in the face of disruptions. Siemens developed Digital Enterprise – a holistic, leading portfolio of software and automation solutions. It supports discrete and process industries to become faster, more flexible, and more efficient.

Digitalization of the entire value chain

Siemens Digital Enterprise enables companies of every sector to integrate and digitalize their business processes through a resilient supply chain. Siemens’ holistic approach comprises offerings for product design, production planning or process and plant design, and production engineering or engineering and commissioning.


A smarter business builds smarter supply chains. This also includes automation, production or operation, and services. Suppliers and logistics can also beintegrated, based on a consistent collaboration platform. Companies can start with digitalization at any step of their value chain to deliver value to customers, for greenfield and brownfield plants, and based on standardized and open interfaces.


The path to a digital-first enterprise is paved with an Emergence Model and Digital Transformation.

Merging the virtual and the real world

Developing a new product, planning a new plant, or producing with the help of digital tools creates a detailed virtual image, the digital twin. The digital twin creates new insights, thanks to the combination of physics-based simulations with data analytics in a fully virtual environment. This makes it possible to realize innovations faster and more reliable, while also requiring significantly fewer real prototypes. Even more data is created when the product is being produced or a plant begins operation. These performance data of the real production and of the real product can be collected, analyzed, and fed back into development. Here they help to improve and optimize new products and processes at an early stage where we no longer rely more on intelligent systems than on specific individual expertise

What a Digital Enterprise is made of

To help customers leverage the potentials of Industrie 4.0. Siemens already offers a portfolio of solutions that comprises the core elements of the Digital Enterprise. With the scalable solutions and modernized systems , companies in the discrete and process industries can invest in Industrie 4.0 to become completely and comprehensively digitalized across the entire value chain.


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Ready for the future with integrated cutting-edge technologies

Integrated cutting-edge technologies in the Digital Enterprise portfolio enable smart usage of data. This paves the way for the next level of the digital transformation of industry: the convergence of information technology and operational technology.

MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system

MindSphere enables industrial companies of various sizes worldwide to link their machines and physical infrastructure to the cloud and the Internet of Things. It uniquely simplifies the challenges of many industries, regarding connectivity, data analysis and prediction or the development of own applications and new business models and therefore it supports every company of its digital transformation journey.

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Discover the Digital Enterprise for all kind of industries

Each company has specific needs and requests that need to be acknowledged – therefore the Digital Enterprise is specifically tailored to suit the individual needs of the various industries.

Specific solutions for your industry


Innovations that help our customers

Siemens’ solutions for the Digital Enterprise and for mastering the transformation of the energy systems are already available. They provide the industry to fully benefit from the future of manufacturing.
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