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#CreatingPerfectPlaces. We spend up to 90% of our lives within the walls of buildings. How these structures are built has a significant effect on what we do, how we feel, and even who we are.   Malaysia is moving towards a brand new future which requires intensive human resources, and Siemens is committed towards delivering energy-efficient, safe and secure infrastructure for buildings which are conducive enough to realize that vision.
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The human element

#CreatingPerfectPlaces around the world

A place where time stands completely still

A country’s past is essential to understanding its present. The ancient artefacts in Melbourne Museum are much more than objects. They tell the story of Australia’s history, its people, its cultures.


At Museums Victoria, building management systems from Siemens create the conditions that prevent the ancient objects from deteriorating. So visitors can continue to understand the story of Australia: today, and well into the future.

What is the real cost of energy-efficiency?

Your organization demands a lot. Your facilities have to deliver. That includes reaching higher levels of cost reduction, sustainability, performance and productivity every day.

With the power of data and strategic insight, we develop a roadmap to achieve tangible results. It’s a plan that’s unique to your business. It’s benchmarked to measurable KPIs and tied back to your operating figures.

Building automation system


The most comprehensive building automation system is continually being refined. One single intuitive platform can be used to easily control, regulate, and optimize heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading, energy management, fire safety, and security systems, including access control, video surveillance, and intrusion protection - all of which yield the following benefits:
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Real-life installations of Desigo

One system for all building needs

Future-proof with flexible extension and system openness

People's lifestyles are changing, their ways of working are changing and, therefore, demands are changing as well. Building designs need to be adapted.  Only a highly flexible and scalable building automation system can satisfy these continually changing requirements. Desigo's unique open and modular solution covers all these needs and ensures increased productivity, health and happiness besides keeping users safe and secure.
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Digitalization in building technologies

The digital enterprise is already a reality, and companies are pursuing its benefits and opportunities through digital transformation, which requires seamless integration of data along the value chain. Turning this data into value is a critical success factor.
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Financing building technologies

Transforming buildings with financing

40% of the energy we use comes from buildings, so we must focus on improving their energy efficiency. Europe alone wastes €270 billion a year in unnecessary energy for buildings. However, many are deterred by the initial cost of installing intelligent building technologies.

When engineering and financing solutions come together, buildings can unlock huge energy saving potential – in energy consumption and in cost. A good example of this is Siemens’ energy performance contracting for building technology in more than 10 countries – a combination of consulting, modernization services and customized financing. With this approach, customers do not need to make any initial investment – they simple use the energy cost savings to pay for the installments.

Worldwide, Siemens has modernized more than 5,200 buildings with Siemens' building technologies, with more than €1 billion in savings and more than 10 million tons of CO2reductions.

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