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Siemens Gas Turbines. Innovation at Siemens is driven by the idea of continously improving our solutions and manufacturing technologies to yield optimum customer returns.   The competitive and demanding energy markets are supplied with avant-garde gas turbines such as the SGT5-8000HL and SGT5-9000HL which preserve high operational stability, fuel flexibility and low emissions - paving the way for the next level of efficiency in Malaysia.
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Hallmark projects and innovations

Malaysia's TNB Perai is Southeast Asia's largest single-shaft combined cycle power plant, operating on 2 Siemens H-Class Gas Turbines

Since the start of commercial operation in February 2016, TNB Prai has been the biggest single-shaft combined cycle power plant in South-East Asia. The installed capacity is 1071MW and it is the first in Malaysia to reach 60% efficiency. 


At the heart of the combined cycle power plant sits the Siemens proven H-Class technology, with emission levels below 25 ppm NOx. In 2017, TNB Prai has generated over 7000GW hours of electricity, close to 6% of Malaysia’s total generation, and powering 2.2 million households.


It is a cornerstone for the future success of the HL-Class, as Siemens unites the best from past experience with new technologies, and the latest O&M experience enabled by digital products.

The evolution of HL-class advanced air-cooled gas turbine series that pushes for higher reliability and efficiency

Siemens is developing the HL-class gas turbine series in an evolutionary development step derived from its proven SGT-8000H class technology. This series consist of three engines: SGT5-9000HL, SGT6-9000HL and SGT5-8000HL. The advanced Siemens HL-class gas turbines combine a series of new but already tested technologies and design features with the best of past experience, clearing the way to a milestone efficiency level of 63 percent with a mid-term goal to reach an all-high 65 percent.


Based on proven design and relying on our extensive fleet experience, we’re gathering speed in driving technological upgrades throughout our entire fleet with super-efficient cooling features, new materials or digital solutions to optimize output and lifecycle costs. 

Siemens celebrated commissioning a world record 4.8 GW within 18 months in Egypt

Siemens powerful energy mix system will underpin the country’s growth and economic development to benefit all the citizens. There will be more jobs, because business will be able to flourish, while people and their families will feel more fulfilled, more comfortable. Communities confident in reliable power will be transformed, empowering each Egyptian to dream, create and now put ideas into action with the potential to change Egypt, the Middle East and the world.


Siemens state-of-the-art power generation technology under the Megaproject includes three 4.8 gigawatt turnkey Combined Cycle Power Plants, and 12 wind parks with approximately 600 wind turbines.

Speed and efficiency alone are not sufficient – reliability and cost effectiveness of our solutions as well as partnership, support in financing and insurability are also key to our customers.
Willi Meixner, CEO of the Siemens Power and Gas Division

Tested gas turbines you can count on

More than 6,900 Siemens gas turbines are operating successfully all over the world – adapted to specific surroundings, climate and power requirements. That’s because our gas turbines are thoroughly tested in our own test facilities to ensure they run smoothly even under the harshest conditions. Siemens’ gas turbine manufacturing plant in Berlin, Germany, boasts one of the most modern and innovative test facilities in the world.


Here, all our gas turbine types are tested down to every last detail. For special test runs, the test facility experts install sensors and measuring instruments to analyze up to 12,000 measuring points with all operational parameters, such as mass flow, temperatures, or vibrations.

Delivering the promise of powering an entire nation: The Egypt success story

Following the delivery of several Siemens SGT5-8000H gas turbines, the first steam turbine for the Egypt Megaproject began its journey in December 2016 from the Siemens factory in Muelheim to the power plant Beni Suef in Egypt. The main components of the 670-ton cargo were lifted with a heavy-duty crane from the production hall onto a transport vessel standing by at the plant's inland harbor facilities. The vessel transported the SST-5000 steam turbine from Muelheim to the deep-water port of Antwerp where it was loaded onto a heavy cargo ship and transported to Egypt.


After the steam turbines installation, the waste heat from the gas turbines will be used to produce steam that will then drive the steam turbine, thus increasing the overall power output and efficiency of the power plant. In total, Siemens will deliver twelve SST-5000 steam turbines for the Egyptian power plants Beni Suef, Burullus and New Capital.


State-of-the-art innovations


Commercial projects in Malaysia and around the world

Siemens has commissioned over 45 Siemens H-class turbines that are in commercial operation around the world, with over 500,000 fired fleet hours.


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