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How do you plan to address social distancing and contact tracing at the workplace?

As workplaces around the world prepare to reopen, there may be new regulations in place to ensure the safety of building occupants and visitors. From controlled access to track & trace, social distancing and space optimization, we are committed to supporting you with the right workplace solutions for your smart building, tailor-made to fit your needs.
Enlighted IoT Platform

Track & trace: It starts with intelligent IoT sensors

Enabling contact tracing

Health organizations around the world have turned to contact tracing to slow down or stop the chain of transmission of the virus. The process includes the identification of persons who may have come in contact with someone who has been infected and often becomes like detective work. 


Enabling IoT sensors within your building allows for more accurate and efficient contact tracing.  The solution which relies on Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) enables the location of people and equipment, visitor monitoring and sanitization trigger & tracking - all of which ensures the safety of your building occupants and visitors.

Key components of our Enlighted solution include:


Smart sensor

Collects and monitors real-time occupancy, temperature, light levels and energy usage and is equipped with Bluetooth LE technology to enable location-based services.  



Provides the communication channel between smart sensors and energy manager and a transition from wireless to IP wired networking. 


Energy manager on the cloud

Provides a secure browser-based interface to create profiles and adjust settings of the entire Enlighted advanced lighting control system.  


Room control

Occupants can manually adjust lighting levels to save energy, increase comfort or tailor illumination for specific tasks. 



Cloud-based, scalable data platform where applications can harvest and analyze vast amounts of IoT data leading to actionable insights.

Applications to turn this data into actionable insights

Smart sensors are installed in and powered by each lighting fixture in a building, creating a dense sensor network with advanced motion tracking and occupancy detection capabilities. Applications to turn this data into actionable insights include:

Providing data about how the building is being utilized by its occupants allows building management to adjust usage to increase energy efficiency.  Temperature and lighting can automatically adjust based on occupancy, providing comfort levels where people are and reducing energy usage where they aren’t.  And sensors monitor changes in ambient light levels to maintain the desired level of overhead lighting. 

Building managers use motion, occupancy and space utilization data to deliver improved space planning, better return on real estate capital investments and optimized employee workflows.  Space utilization analytics provide insights using data collected 24/7 across the building.  Detailed utilization metrics inform better space planning decisions.

Real-time location services keep people and equipment safe and secure and ensure business continuity.  Equipment theft can be prevented by triggering alerts when valuable assets leave a designated area.  In the event of an emergency, sensors can locate people in the building and provide valuable information to first responders, who can assist employees to safety and quickly exit the building. By analyzing the flow patterns of occupants and understanding the average number of building occupants on a given day, security presence and procedures can be adjusted accordingly to enhance safety and security.

Using Bluetooth LE tags and dashboards, real-time location services can locate equipment and visitor or staff badges.  The system also uses virtual tags to locate Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices like smart phones or tablets.  Employees can quickly locate the nearest available equipment, saving staff time and improving customer response times, e.g. a nurse locating a wheelchair for a patient.  Asset utilization can also be increased, resulting in reduced capital expenditures.  Visitors can use wayfinding to easily find their way around a building, improving the customer experience.

smart building

Preparing your smart building for the "new normal"

From HVAC optimization to remote connectvitiy and thermal scanning - explore how your smart building can help keep your occupants safe and ensure business continuity. 

Comfy Solution

Maintain social distancing guidelines

Give occupants greater transparency and control on desk or room availability

A Workplace app allows building operators and owners to engage with occupants and keep them informed, safe and productive. Accomodate social distancing through configurable desk booking, help occupants find and select amenities to prevent overcrowding or search if a colleague is working from home or the office.  The app can also provide timely updates related to COVID-19 or configure content for localized needs and mandates.


When integrated with Enlighted IoT sensors, social distancing measures established can also be managed by building operators through insights provided by data on the utilization of rooms or common office spaces. The platform allows users to ensure guidelines are being adhered to based on set thresholds. 





Seamlessly connecting occupants directly to the building

By connecting to existing workplace systems, the Workplace app provides occupants personalized control over their building environment. Our solution seamlessly connects occupants directly to the building through a single, intuitive app, empowering them to control aspects of their building environment including temperature, lighting, meeting rooms, and more. Applications include:


Warm or cool workspaces on-demand, and have preferences automatically applied over time.



Change light levels in open spaces or meeting rooms and adjust the schedule when working late.



Find and book meeting rooms on-the-go and auto-cancel ones that are "booked" but unused.



Find and book desks quickly based on availability, nearby amenities, and preferences.


Work requests

Submit work requests or flag issues to workplace teams, when and where they arise.


Maps & amenities

Locate the nearest café, restroom, and more—on any floor.


Integrating body temperature detection with access control

Smart security solutions to mitigate risks

The need for body temperature detection will prove to be critical as workplaces reopen. To mitigate any risks caused by the spread of the virus, technologies which allow for efficient scanning of temperatures as occupants and visitors enter the building will be deployed. The integration of the body temperature detection with access control enables a highly secure and contactless solution. 


Siemens Siveillance solution enables an accuracy of better than +/-0.5°C at 37 °C, as compared to standard thermal security surveillance cameras which provide an accuracy of around 5°C . This is achieved through the use of a specialized camera in a stable ambient environment and using a so-called 'Blackbody' reference temperature device. The solution is designed based on internal testing and market feedback, ensuring the higher accuracy required to confidentially detect elevated body skin temperature of individuals.

Availability of the offerings in your individual country is conditional upon the local regulations and laws in your country