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How can we make energy greener?

How can we make energy greener?

By integrating renewables with solutions for improving efficiency, like co-fired gas turbines, super-efficient combined cycle plants, hybrid power, energy storage, power-to-x, and sector coupling.


How can we secure the world’s energy supply?

How can we secure the world’s energy supply?

By providing a mix of solutions that address growing energy demand, while also reducing emissions. Our solutions range from a reliable hydrocarbon backbone to expanding the natural gas infrastructure to encouraging more renewables with the goal of making energy stable, available and affordable.


How can we manage complexity in the grid?

How can we manage complexity in the grid?

By increasing efficiency, reliability and safety. Integrated thinking keeps you prepared for future challenges, so you can consistently enhance value creation. Data flows and analytics create flexible control loops that allow your transmission systems to constantly adapt to change.


How can we make digitalization happen?

How can we make digitalization happen?

By optimizing asset performance and improving the supply chain with Additive Manufacturing, protecting assets with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and improving decision making in open ecosystems.

Products and Solutions

The Siemens portfolio ranges from state-of-the-art compressors, turbines and generators to virtual power plants, intelligent grid management and innovative storage solutions – all backed up by exceptional service offerings and genuine commitment to effectively address our customers’ individual need.

Greener energy on the radar

Finding secure and affordable paths to decarbonize power generation


Decarbonizing power generation must be balanced with energy security and affordability for consumers, says Vinod Philip, CEO of Service Power Generation at Siemens. Therefore, in the short term, improvements in energy efficiency are as important as the fuel shifts, hybridization and deep decarbonization solutions that will come into play in the medium to long term. (by Anna Gertsch)


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