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EnergyIP is paving the way for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) planning, deployment and operation

The utility industry is on the move to revolutionize and utilities should think about investing into advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Why? Because the energy system is changing, with renewables on the rise, the increasing need to bring Distributed Energy Resources (DER) into operation and a growing environmental awareness leads to stricter regulations and management.


With the deployment of AMI Operator, utilities will need the right solution to help unlock the value within the flood of data to simplify management and optimize processes.


The Siemens EnergyIP Advanced Metering Applications support your smart meter data management business from planning, through deployment till operation. The comprehensive set of tools provide customers with a scalable solution to address traditional use cases, such as Meter-to-Cash operations, as well as emerging use cases to support mission-critical enterprise applications.


EnergyIP is being deployed by energy companies worldwide to meet their unique requirements. In North America, the focus continues to be on improving billing processes while providing high-quality data for advanced analytics use cases. In Europe it is being leveraged for planning smart metering roll-outs and market settlements. And in Asia, EnergyIP is being used to manage the growing number of smart meter devices and provide accurate information to utility customers.

EnergyIP Metering

The Siemens EnergyIP Advanced Metering Applications elevate your metering to the next level

Managing smart meter data

Are you looking for a system which collects data from different meters in the field (electric, gas, water and heat) to develop smooth and fully integrated billing services? Are you worried about future data influx from meters / other grid devices and don`t know how to make use of the data to generate additional value for your company? 


The EnergyIP Meter Data Management (MDM) application automates smart meter data management business processes. Its comprehensive set of tools enables utilities to address traditional utility use cases like billing, as well as emerging use cases that leverage register, interval, device events and time-of-use data to support a variety of mission-critical enterprise applications. The highly scalable system is used to connect smart meters from different vendors and the secure connectivity is established via wireless, radio, LAN and power line communication. EnergyIP MDM offers larger amount of features, with a high reliability rate and multi-tenant support for various organization.

The meter data management system (MDM) that works for you

Do you want a meter data management solution but don’t have the resources or time to manage it? Do you imagine a world in which you are getting the most out of your AMI investment without costly IT infrastructure? EnergyIP MDM SaaS is designed for you.


MDM SaaS combines the proven MDM solution with reduced risk, cost and complexity. MDM SaaS offers peace of mine with out-of-the box design, cloud-based, security and upgrades so you can focus on your core business. It is preinstalled, preconfigured and can rapidly connect with any customers’ AMI system. MDM SaaS maximizes smart meter investments now and in the future by increasing customer satisfaction, more accurate billing, reduced truck rolls and customer support calls, and meeting regulatory requirements. Imagine a world where customers and management are satisfied. Unlock the value of your smart meters quickly and easily. 

Near real-time data from smart devices

Are you dependent on near real-time data processing requirements e.g. for customer facing applications or co-related outage events? 


The EnergyIP Front End Processor (FEP) is a set of processes, schema and data flow enhancements to facilitate the ingestion of high-speed interval data from smart meters, sensors and other devices. 

It will support a wide array of use-cases such as real time load monitoring, dynamic electricity production/consumption forecasting and distributed generation, to name a few. The application combines big data and fast event processing technologies. 

Empowering customers with data 

You'd like to put your customers at the center of the smart grid and provide them instant access to energy usage and spending information?


With EnergyIP Energy Engage you can provide your customers with a wealth of informative data where usage and price are clearly linked. Meter data is automatically translated into costs, usage, demand and environmental impact based on the customer's rate plan. Therefore, consumers can proactively engage with tips, neighbors, and tools to increase their energy conservation.

Intelligent and cost-effective outage management

Are you looking for an intelligent solution for managing Outage Events? 


Smart meter data provides a lot of useful information, such as events related to outages. This information must be managed and intelligently filtered, before feeding into your Outage Management System (OMS). Otherwise, storms or disasters can easily overload your OMS, which can significantly degrade its performance or worse, shut down when it needs to perform at its peak. OMS’s are specifically designed and optimized around the need to quickly restore power, and does not intelligently track or filter any of the outage details. EnergyIP enables utilities to leverage field data to improve operations and maintenance, potentially saving significant costs. EnergyIP’s Outage Event Management (OEM) filters millions of AMI outage/restoration events to deliver only pertinent info to the OMS. It proactively checks meter power status, and stores outage details for analysis.


Will a fully-featured third party Outage Management System (OMS) overkill and over budget your requirements? Are you dependent on highly accurate outage status information?


The EnergyIP Low Voltage Outage Management System (LVOMS) is designed to be used as a low-cost mini-OMS that fits well in a tight budget. While it does not provide features that a regular OMS provides, the LVOMS utilizes AMI events and data to provide users with intuitive, map-based visual information to show power outage status at a glance. These capabilities helps utilities manage power outage handling and restoration effort. LVOMS can also be used along with an external OMS, and it provides the benefit of having both systems as it incorporates outage status, estimated time to restoration, and other value-add information from the OMS.

Smart device management in low voltage networks  

Millions of meters, sensors, routers… are now an integral part of your Utility's low voltage network.  How will you manage all devices on your low voltage network automatically to save time and costs? 


Advanced Device Management (ADM) is an EnergyIP platform application designed to automatically manage all identifiable low voltage network devices while on line. Automated actions include periodic census for orphaned devices with reassignment to parent devices where possible. Census operations are also available to detect device software configurations and firmware versions. Non-compliant devices can be automatically reconfigured or can be flagged for review by network operations personnel. Different configurations can be set for each device thus allowing for complex network optimizations that are automatically maintained. ADM also features bulk transaction processing to support either one time or periodic software configuration changes and firmware upgrades to large groups of devices. Automated firmware upgrades assure devices are operationally optimized and are current with all relevant security patches.  

Metering Solutions

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Global smart meter rollouts are changing the business models of utilities. To make the most of it, EnergyIP Metering Solutions provide the means to optimize service, tariffs, and operations.
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