Smart grids: driving energy intelligence

We are paving the way to sustainable energy environments by applying Internet of Energy and data-driven technologies.
Creating environments that care

Changes in energy systems require a new smart grid infrastructure

The integration of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, in a prosumer environment challenge the world’s energy systems. Today, grid operations must be seen in the context of increasing complexity through decentralization, highly volatile power generation, and multi-directional power flows. We make energy smarter by integrating energy intelligence across the energy supply chain shaping energy supplies that are cost efficient, safe, reliable and flexible. This helps our customers to stay competitive in a changing world.

Decentralized power generation for an all-electric world.

The growing demand for electricity is shaping the future of energy with new electrified application fields. But the days of large power plants with downstream transmission and distribution providing energy for an entire region are over. Decentralized generation, intelligent storage and the sale of excess energy are increasingly attractive business concepts – where buildings, whole communities and industries generate and manage their own electricity. 

Renewable energy integration and increasing complexity.

Today, more and more consumers are becoming prosumers who generate their own electricity through solar power. This necessitates more and more complex energy systems capable of managing multi-directional power flows, highly volatile power generation, and large variations in demand. At the same time, an ever more digitized and connected world adds to the complexity of our energy systems. This calls for smart infrastructure:  smart energy supply that is reliable and cost efficient. 

A new approach:

Smart grids make all the difference

Smart grids are shaping opportunities for a new energy age: They automatically balance demand and generation, handle multi-directional power flows and ensure the energy transition to seamlessly incorporate photovoltaics and other renewables, eMobility charging and energy storage into the energy ecosystem. We make grids and energy smarter in the most efficient way and create new opportunities for customers along the energy value chain. Four key pillars make Siemens the right choice:
Smart grids solutions:

Highlights from the Siemens product portfolio

Grid planning and simulation

Siemens has a legacy of world-renowned engineering knowledge and innovative software. Rely on our consultancy experience, solutions and services for optimized grid planning and simulation.

Renewables and eMobility

Be energy intelligent - with distributed energy solutions, photovoltaic eBoP solutions, storage or eMobility charging. Siemens is your partner for seamless renewable energy integration.

Electrical substation

Substations are an integral component of power grids. Their digitalization enables energy transition with speed, flexibility and availability.

Grid operation

Big data and the IoT works for you. See how smart software and hardware solutions from Siemens pave your way to smooth, reliable and future-proof grid operations.

Grid security

Cyberattacks are a serious risk factor. Siemens can serve as a long-term security partner by providing reliable cyber security products, solutions, and services that help protect energy infrastructure.


Our comprehensive service portfolio covers everything necessary for a smooth and cost-efficient grid operation - from electrical to digital services and trainings.

Read here a great smart grid reference case:

The grid edge revolution − Innovative drivers towards net-zero energy

We show how innovations at the grid edge are helping to drive one of the most radical transitions in human history – a move from a centralized energy system to one that is more decentralized, more local and more efficient. Towards an energy system that is more democratic and where individuals have more control. An energy system that meets the needs of the global population, but that also benefits the planet.

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