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SITRAIN access is the digital learning platform for industry. It facilitates digital, innovative learning and professional education in all sectors. It’s online, flexible, continuous, and personalized. Our knowledge offerings are curated by our experts, arranged in modular form, and can be accessed to suit your own requirements. SITRAIN is more than just a video platform: Constant additions to its content, together with the ability to monitor your progress and complete practical exercises, fulfill all the requirements for sustainable learning.

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The digital learning services provided by SITRAIN access cover a range of topics relating to the Siemens product portfolio and help ensure greater transparency: Learners know how far they have progressed, what knowledge they still need, and the best way to obtain it. Companies get an overview of the level of knowledge their employees have reached, and can propose or assign further suitable courses . All learning content is structured on a modular basis and can be utilized as you see fit after you subscribe: Several hours at a time, or just a few minutes on the way to work – the choice is yours.


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Learning in the digital age

SITRAIN access offers many benefits for both companies and their employees. Our training course experts have developed extensive, verified content to ensure you get the best possible learning services. The modular structure of the services, which you can access at any time, facilitates effective learning and ensures a transparent learning progress, and there’s also a vibrant community to provide maximum motivation.
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SITRAIN access builds up knowledge using techniques like modular learning, web-based training, and direct interaction with experts. Here are a few specific examples.
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Besides SITRAIN access, we also offer two other knowledge services: SITRAIN open and SITRAIN personal.

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