How does Siemens' ingenuity and innovation reflects on us here in Mozambique?

We put our expertise, our power of innovation and our entrepreneurial spirit at the service of society – that's Siemens.
Ingenuity and Innovation

Siemens' knowledge and expertise at the service of the Mozambican people

Although Siemens' history in Mozambique goes back to the 1950s,    we are looking to the future to leave our mark. We are contributing to the future, educating and providing vocational training to younger generations of Mozambicans, developing the country's energy supply and creating reliable transport networks. This is where Siemens feels at home: putting its knowledge and expertise at the service of society.   

When you realize what is really important you need ingenuity and innovation - that's Siemens.

Ingenuity and Innovation are the cornerstones of a strong economy, able to master the challenges of today's energy landscape.  Intelligent technologies, for example, ensure reliable energy supply by managing the fluctuations inherent to wind and solar energy sources.


Ingenuity and Innovation will take industry into the future. This way, mass production becomes so flexible that it is able to respond to individual wishes. For example, through intelligent management   of the entire production chain.


Ingenuity and Innovation make our cities more habitable and attractive, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Intelligent transport grids and traffic control, which prioritize public transport and emergency vehicles, promote punctuality (X).


We face the challenges of the present side by side with the companies and society of Mozambique to improve the quality of life today, and to create value for the future generations..

Energy Sector

We have answers for Mozambique's energy requirements.

The number of energy consumers in the country is increasing exponentially. We are able to offer a wide range of solutions for the energy sector, from power generation, transmission and distribution to the implementation of intelligent power grids, making Siemens the country's partner to ensure a secure, affordable and sustainable energy future.    

A history that started in the 1950s

The history of the development of the energy sector in Mozambique has yet to be told.  


A history that reflects on 3 million people every day. An inspiring tale that will only have a happy ending when all Mozambicans are part of it. Moreover, Siemens is one of the central figures in this narrative and proud to be part of the energy that moves Mozambique forward. It is because of all those moments we have spent together that we know, like no one else, what the needs and hopes of more than 28 million Mozambicans. Together, we are going to generate, transmit and distribute ever more power to build an ever-brighter future.


However, this partnership has only just begun.


We need to ensure that electricity gets to where it is needed, so that children can sleep peacefully.

We all want the lights to keep burning. A five-year old child needs its night light to keep burning all night long. For this child, and millions of other people around the world, Siemens technology ensures the availability and reliability of energy supply, from generation to transmission and distribution, regardless of the elements.

In Mozambique, Siemens' mobile substations, located throughout the country, can quickly boost the energy supply where it is most needed. 

Oil and Gas

Reliable and innovative solutions for the Oil & Gas industry

Oil & Gas continue to be the backbone of global energy and natural gas supply. Industry's challenge is to apply appropriate technologies that ensure production reliability and sustainable supply.  

Preparing for substantially greater synergies in the Oil & Gas business

The synergies resulting from the integration of the Dresser-Rand and Rolls-Royce energy business are largely the result of a robust business portfolio, which blends seamlessly with the electrification, automation and digitalization business, providing Siemens with the unique opportunity of being able to offer complete solutions and services along the entire energy value chain.


Siemens is a leader in power transmission, automation and drives, and is at the forefront in the fields of oil and gas, fossil-fueled power plants and power distribution.


More mobility for Mozambique

The Mobility business of Siemens relies on a professional and multidisciplinary team focused on the development of products, solutions and services for efficient and integrated transport of people and goods by road or rail.  

The demand for mobility is increasing worldwide and Mozambique is no exception. Passenger and freight transport poses challenges for the national economy, but Siemens' wide portfolio addresses all of the growth and development needs of the country.


The mobility portfolio offers a full range of vehicles for rail transport: Regional, intercity and high-speed trains, metros, trams, light rail vehicles, passenger coaches, unmanned vehicles and locomotives; signaling and control technology for passenger and freight transport by road; electrification solutions for road and rail traffic; maintenance and servicing of vehicles and infrastructures; Road traffic control and information systems, parking space management, electronic payment and toll systems for urban and interurban traffic..


Mobility is one of the key success factors in the globalized economy. Efficient transportation between cities, states and countries boosts competitiveness.