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Downloads on CNC topics such as SINUMERIK, SinuTrain and NX-CAD/CAM

On this page you can download manuals (e.g. SINUMERIK Operate User Guide ) and other helpful documents.

New: SINUMERIK Machine Compass

Online database with SINUMERIK controlled machines - helpful when searching for suitable machines, additional presentation platform for machine manufacturers. In this growing database you can search for example for a technology and the desired CNC. 

The most important SINUMERIK cycles and NC commands at a glance:

Cycles, measuring, 5-axis machining and basics - there is a poster as PDF for each of these topics. It briefly presents the commands with simple drawings. An overview of the functions is also available as wallpaper.

NX CAD-CAM poster and wallpaper

The most important commands and functions of NX CAD/CAM as poster. They can be printed in German or English. All functions are also available as wallpapers.

SINUMERIK manual for tool and mould making - new version!

Manual Mold making with 3 to 5-axis simultaneous milling for SINUMERIK Operate. Achieving the best possible workpiece results with five-axis machining calls for more than just intelligent control functions. The entire process chain needs to be harmonized, from CAD design and CAM systems through to CNC production. The new SINUMERIK five-axis machining manual covers all of these areas from both the programmers’ and the machine operators’ point of view. It offers an overview of all important control functions, how to use them to best effect, and the requirements for the CAD/CAM environment. The first chapter explains the basic terminology and requirements of five-axis machining.

My SINUMERIK Operate - User Guide

All of the important functions and features of SINUMERIK Operate are briefly summarised here. A useful guide to look up. This user guide provides you with an overview of the range of functions of SINUMERIK Operate and gives you useful tips and tricks for your daily work. 

In addition to the SINUMERIK Operate chapter - with general operating tips - the other chapters give practical expert knowledge for the milling, turning and working with multitasking machines.

The appendix contains an overview of the SINUMERIK Operate shortcuts and an overview of G code commands.

In the print version, the user guide has magnetic holders and fixed, wipeable laminated sides.

Training guides for ShopTurn and ShopMill

Programming the machining steps with ShopTurn or ShopMill has become an indispensable part of workshop programming. ShopMill and ShopTurn are therefore an integral part of the operation and programming of current SINUMERIK CNCs. Here you will find training documents for an easy start into the work with ShopTurn and ShopMill (download links of the Siemens Industry Online Support):   

SINUMERIK glossaries

In the SINUMERIK glossaries you will find a short explanation of the most common terms of CNC technology. Have fun exploring the world of CNC languages!

Download the glossaries in the Siemens Industry Mall:

SINUMERIK documentation

The SINUMERIK documentation, FAQs and current support information are available from Siemens Industry Online Support.  

SINUMERIK Machine Compass

  • Which machine tools are available with SINUMERIK CNCs?
  • Which technologies do these machines support?
  • What are the experiences of other users with these machines? 

The SINUMERIK Machine Compass provides information - also about how you as a machine manufacturer can enter your machines in the SINUMERIK Machine Compass ...

Online Support App - iOS and Android

You have access to FAQs, the latest firmware or software version downloads, manuals, certificates, characteristic curves, application examples and tools, product news (e.g. announcement of new products), information on successor type in case of product phase-outs. The start page gives you a quick overview of the latest articles. The search brings up hits for products and articles, and supports you with a personalized suggestion list.

Under "mySupport" you can find your personal favourites with articles you need frequently. Additionally, you receive selected news on new functions, important articles or events – in the News section. You can get the app for free at the Apple App Store and at Android Market with the search terms: "Siemens Industry Online Support".

Easy CNC App - iOS and Android

New version available!


The Easy CNC app contains all the current SINUMERIK training manuals and will ensure you always have the latest updates. No more heavy books to carry, giving you access to over 4000 pages of vital CNC training lessons and content in the world’s most portable format. In addition, a handy G-Code compatibility tool lets you quickly find compatible codes for Siemens and ISO G-codes. The glossary feature is your reference guide to CNC terminology.

New in the current version is - among other things - a digital X-Y-Z coordinate cube for determining the rotation in 3D space. The app is available in English for iPhone/iPad and for Android. 




Easy CNC app easier to install via QR code

If your Smartphoe has a QR Code function or you have installed a QR Code reader, you can download the Easy CNC App from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store via the adjoining QR Codes. 


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