CNC programming with NX CAM

NC programs directly from the CAD/CAM system

The NX CAM programming software from Siemens PLM is used to create and edit CAD models. These models are used to generate NC operations that produce the real workpiece on the machine tool. As with machine tools, NX CAM offers a variety of machining strategies, such as roughing, semi-finishing and finishing.

This allows the best machining sequence for this workpiece to be defined during the design phase. Using a post-processor, the generated milling paths are translated into the SINUMERIK language and can be processed on the machine tool.


Verify manufacturing in a virtual machine

The "NX Virtual Machine" is used to check the NC programs generated with NX CAM. Here the production of CAD-constructed parts is simulated with a digital twin of the target machine. The control identical virtual NC core "SINUMERIK VNCK" executes the NC programs and controls the 3D machine model. The simulation is thus as realistic as on the real machine. 


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