Cycle 996 - Kinematics measuring

The kinematics measuring cycle CYCLE996 of the SINUMERIK 840D enables the measurement of the axis kinematics of machine tools with several rotary axes, without the previous large expenditure of time and costs.

Measuring the kinematic

The requirements for multi-axis machining can only be fulfilled with precisely working machines. In order to fulfill this criterion, the rotary axes must be correctly oriented to one another. For this purpose, the kinematics of the rotary axes are measured and thus the vectors recorded for digitally or manually adjustable rotary axes, and any corrections entered in the controller. Previously this was only possible with considerable time and technical effort.

With the measuring cycle CYCLE996, a special cycle is available for this application, which can automatically measure the rotary axis vectors with the aid of just a calibration ball and a calibrated probe. In practice, the cycle facilitates checking and improves the process quality as corrections to the rotary axis vectors, e.g. due to temperature fluctuations, mechanical damage of other factors, can be checked automatically.

The kinematic measurement cycle is available for the SINUMERIK 840D, 840D sl and 840Di CNCs.

Checking or alignment the rotary axis

A calibration ball is mounted on the table for the measurement. The ball is measured with the probe in three angular positions for each rotary axis and the axis vectors calculated in this plane. The CYCLE996 is called three times with different angular positions for each rotary axis. The complete calculation of the kinematics is performed when all rotary axes have been measured.

After the measuring process, the correction values can be optionally entered for the digital alignment of the rotary axes. The kinematics measuring cycle can also be used only for checking; the measured values are then only for documentation purposes. The kinematics measuring cycle is available for the 840D sl and enables the exactness of the kinematics to be checked and corrected.



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