Video tutorial on DXF import

Convert CAD data to NC code for turning and milling of complex contours

DXF import with SINUMERIK

This video tutorial shows the steps for importing DXF graphics as a contour train into NC programs up to machining the contour on the machine tool.

The starting point is a CAD drawing (e.g. from AutoCAD), which is available as a DXF file. From this file, contour data is read into the NC program. After the necessary manufacturing information has been added (tool to be used, reference point, infeed and retraction path), the contour train transferred from the DXF graphic is automatically processed by the CNC. 




The video tutorial shows the import of a DXF contour. Besides contours, SINUMERIK CNCs can also import position patterns (e.g. for bores) from DXF files and process them automatically.

The software used for DXF import is the DXF Reader. This is a software option for SINUMERIK Operate (software version 4.7 and higher).

More about the DXF reader can be found ...


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