SinuTrain example programs in G-code


SinuTrain example programs ...

SinuTrain provides sample programs for ShopMill and ShopTurn. These programs are described in detail in the training documents, which are available as downloads in the service and support portal. The example programs originally created for ShopTurn or ShopMill are now also available in G-Code: They were made available to us by the external trainer Hans-Peter Moser. 

... for ShopTurn/ShopMill

... as G-Code

The G-Code versions of the SinuTrain sample programs for turning and milling can be downloaded here. The corresponding drawings can be found at the ShopTurn or ShopMill versions of the sample programs, see above.

Installing the G-Code Sample Programs

  • Extract the ZIP file into the SinuTrain NC memory.


  • Open the program directly from a USB drive

The tools used are standard in SinuTrain.


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