Measuring cycles SINUMERIK Operate

Reduced setup times and improved quality

SINUMERIK Operate makes measuring easy

A common procedure during setup on CNC milling machines is the alignment of the workpiece parallel to the machine axes and determination of the zero point by scratching with a tool. This is an operation that takes some time, is prone to error and does not take the possible accuracy and precision of the CNC machine into account.

Setup in JOG mode - measuring for all cases

The calibrated probe makes contact with the clamped workpiece while using a suitable measuring strategy and the measured values are recorded. The control is responsible for the approach to the measuring points and the evaluation of the measured values and automatically calculates the position of the workpiece and the work offset from these values.


There is no longer any alignment or scratching, the workpiece coordinate system is automatically adjusted to the machine coordinate system. This means that during linear movement, e.g. in the x-direction of the workpiece edge, the machine traverses parallel to this, even when the workpiece is clamped at an angle on the table (SINUMERIK 840D sl und 828D). 


Measuring cycles

Various measuring cycles can be used depending on the workpiece geometry:

  • Measuring of a point or edge
  • Rectangular measuring or measuring of an arbitrary corner
  • Measuring of pockets or holes
  • Measuring of rectangular or circular spigots
  • Alignment of planes or surfaces
  • Probe calibration


Process measurement in AUTOMATIC mode

Measuring cycles - versatile applications for short machine set-up times and quality assurance

For repetitive measuring operations or for checking the dimensions of workpieces during the machining process, similar measuring cycles can also be programmed in the NC program as for setup and therefore used as often as required. As a result of the automatic measurement, a tool or work offset may be performed, for example, or the measured values simply stored in the measuring report. In practice, measuring cycles are often used as a check, e.g. whether all the screws have been tightened in jigs and fixtures. Each screw position is approached in a program and a check made whether the height of the screw head is within the tolerance. Machining is only started when the measurement result is positive. Measuring cycles - varied use for short machine setup times and quality assurance.



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