Programming with user variables

Manufacturing variants of a component with the very same NC program

With user variables, so-called R parameters, a single NC program can be used to produce many variants of a component - this saves time.

Video tutorial "Programming with user variables" 

This video tutorial shows the use of user variables, in practice also called R-parameters. You will learn where to find the variable list when programming with SINUMERIK Operate, and how to use R variables in the programGuide and the program editor. You will be shown how to set the values of the variables in the variable list manually and how to define them in the program header. You will also learn how to influence the value of user variables by arithmetic operations as well as how to use them in arithmetic operations.

The video is from a webinar by Wolfgang Marx for the "DEX News" series of the Digital Experience and Application Center (DEX) Erlangen.  







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