Simulating machining 

with SINUMERIK Operate

The simulation provides more assurance and control possibilities for programming a workpiece and can already discover any errors in the program prior to the production.

Graphic output instead of axis movements

During simulation, the current program is calculated in its entirety and the result displayed in graphic form. The result of programming is verified without traversing the machine axes. Incorrectly programmed machining steps are detected at an early stage and incorrect machining on the workpiece prevented. The simulation represented on the screen uses the correct workpiece and tool proportions. The blank dimensions that are entered in the program editor are used for the workpiece.

The 3-D simulation enables the operator to easily check whether any errors have occurred during programming. Thanks to the different-colored lines, it is easy to track the exact movements of the tool and to verify the chosen milling strategies. Green milling paths represent feed movements, and red paths rapid traverse movements. This makes it easy to monitor any contour damage that may occur.

Opening a simulation

  1. Open the NC program in the program editor.
  2. Press the Simulation softkey. The execution of the NC program is simulated.
  3. During simulation, you can change, turn and zoom the display. For a better display, you can place the cuts in the workpiece.
  4. Via the shortcuts SHIFT+[cursor keys], you can move or rotate the display or move the cutout and control the override using CTRL+[cursor keys].


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