Video tutorial on programming with an R variable 

How to use an R variable for a program loop

Using R variables

This video tutorial shows ...

  • what R variables are, 
  • which R variables there are, 
  • where and how to view them in the SINUMERIK user interface,
  • how to assign values to R variables,
  • how to query R variables with comparison operators,
  • how to control the execution of a program loop with an R variable. 

A simple part program is used as an example, in which the Z-axis infeed depth is increased step by step to the desired contour depth with the aid of an R variable and a program loop. 

R variables can be used consistently in all up-to-date SINUMERIK CNCs. 

You can find more about R variables ...

In addition to the R variables predefined by the CNC system, freely defined and type-bound user variables can also be defined and used under SINUMERIK Operate (see High-level language programming, section "Abstract data types").


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