Advanced Surface

Advanced Surface
Perfect surface quality thanks to reproducible results in adjacent milling paths (right picture). The surface is much more homogeneous.

SINUMERIK bundles a range of new functions with Advanced Surface

SINUMERIK bundles a range of new functions which have been incorporated into the control under the Advanced Surface concept. For the user, this intelligent motion control means an optimal workpiece surface while at the same time providing maximum machining velocity. Advanced Surface is automatically activated when you work with CYCLE832.

Optimized Look Ahead, optimized compressor

When the new motion control is used, an optimized Look Ahead function contributes to perfect surface quality through reproducible results in adjacent milling paths, accuracy, and increased speed. The new, optimized compressor ensures exact contour accuracy and maximum machining velocities. Intelligent jerk limitation reduces wear in the machine's mechanics. It allows smooth acceleration and braking of the axes with full dynamics and extends the service life of the machine.


Comparison without/with Advanced Surface

One important advance is the automatic harmonization of the velocity profiles on adjacent milling paths by means of CNC. It also works for the forward/backward line-by-line milling of contours and free-form surfaces and it leads directly to increased surface quality - or more precisely: perfect workpiece surfaces.



Also effective in rapid traverse

The compressor does not only work via G1 blocks. It also compresses rapid traverse movements G0 by means of smoothing. The velocity remains at a constant high level during the entire machining process (red areas).


NC commands in connection with Advanced Surface

The following NC code commands are preset in CUST_832.SPF and are activated when the technology groups are selected in CYCLE832 in conjunction with the Advanced Surface option:

  • COMPCAD makes it possible to combine part programs with short linear blocks (G1), with the associated tolerance, using polynomials.
  • SOFT (G code group 21) activates the jerk-limited velocity control.
  • G645 (G code group 10) switches to the continuous path mode (Look Ahead).
  • FIFOCTRL (G code group 4) switches to the automatic pre-processing memory control.
  • FFWON (G code group 24) switches to the parameterized feedforward control (speed or acceleration feedforward control).

Important NC commands for 5-axis machining

In CUST_832.SPF, the following NC code commands can be preset by the machine manufacturer.

  • TRAORI activates the 5-axis transformation set in the transformer machine data and must be programmed alone in the block.
  • UPATH (G code group 45) ensures synchronous movements of the rotary and linear axes in 5-axis spline interpolation, as performed with active compressor, for example.
  • ORIAXES (G code group 51) linearly interpolates the orientation axes in the block up to the end of block.
  • ORIWKS (G code group 25) defines the workpiece coordinate system for orientation programming.
  • ORISON (G code group 61) activates the orientation smoothing for 5-axis machining with active 5-axis transformation (TRAORI).


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