Cycle 832: High Speed Settings 

Increases efficiency and accuracy, results in better surfaces

Whether 3 or 5 axes: The CYCLE832 optimizes the HSC machining of free-form surfaces. Based on the specified machining mode (roughing, semi-finishing, finishing) and tolerance, the cycle sets the optimum combination of accuracy, speed and surface quality.

NC program influence for HSC operation

The "High Speed Settings" cycle is called up in the DIN/ISO editor or in ShopMill. It enables simple parameterization of the optimum motion control. Depending on the machine configuration and installed options, the "Advanced Surface" and/or "Top Surface" functions are activated.

Surface" are activated. The best available mold building function is automatically used. This improves manufacturing efficiency and the quality of free-form surfaces. 





Settings and mode of action

The following settings are possible:

  • Machining mode (roughing, semi-finishing, finishing) 
  • Tolerance
  • Multi-axis program yes/no
  • Orientation tolerance and
  • Rotary axis tolerance

CYCLE832 activates the most suitable HSC functions available on the CNC based on the information provided and parameterizes them automatically. 





Simple programming of complex functions

Using just a few specifications, the CYCLE832 high-speed settings cycle coordinates and parameterizes the mold making functions and basic NC commands available on the CNC. This makes programming HSC machining much simpler and more error-proof - with reliably high utilization of the machine tool's capabilities.

Time saving

The high-speed setting cycle automatically sets the optimum combination of accuracy, speed and surface quality - both for 3-axis and for 5-axis 5-axis machining of free-form surfaces.

The production potential of the machine is more easily and better utilized with High Speed Cutting - with the best possible machining quality, the machining time is reduced.

Parameters in DIN/ISO program, technical details

The CYCLE832 "High-Speed-Settings" is called and parameterized interactively in the DIN/ISO editor and in ShopMill. However, it can also be parameterized directly in the NC program code. From a technical point of view, the user selects between four machining modes of the technology group "G-Group 59", whose dynamic parameters are activated by CYCLE832. These dynamic values and the NC commands used by CYCLE832 for high speed cutting are preset by the machine manufacturer.

Machining modes of the Cycle832
Machining type:
corresponds in G group 59:
Index 3
Index 2
Index 1
Deselection of the function
Index 0
  • CYCLE832(0.005,1,1); (Finishing with tolerance 0.005)

It is recommended to call the cycle in the main program, before the subprogram.

The four machining modes of CYCLE832 are directly related to the surface finish, accuracy and speed of the contour path.

When machining the freeform surface, specifying the tolerance causes the desired surface finish and accuracy to be achieved. Generally, a larger tolerance is used for roughing than for finishing.




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