Technology package for high-efficiency milling

Making the best possible use of the machine's dynamics

The MDynamics technology package complements and bundles the functions and options of the SINUMERIK Operate CNC system for dynamic milling with three and five axes:

  • Advanced Surface,
  • high-speed settings Cycle832
  • kinematic transformations,
  • 5-axis functions 
  • Technology and measuring cycles
  • ...

The video informs about the functional range of MDynamics and the advantages for the user. MDynamics increases the effectiveness of programming, the quality of processing CAD/CAM data, accelerates both work preparation and the production itself and improves machining quality.


The MDynamics technology package includes "Advanced Surface" as standard, which enables very high-quality surfaces to be achieved with minimal effort. For extreme surface quality requirements (e.g. high-precision mold making without manual post-processing), MDynamics can be extended by "Top Surface".     



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