SINUMERIK 802D sl – Mold making with three axes

Even the smallest SINUMERIK control offers all necessary functions

Tool and mold making with three axes

The SINUMERIK 802D sl is an operator panel controller for milling machines and is used as a complete solution in 3-axis milling machines from single workpiece machining through to mold making. In particular for 3-axis mold making the 802D sl provides all the functions required for optimum results with regard to trueness of shape, surface quality and simple execution of the programs.

NC programs for free-form surface machining usually come from CAM systems and are executed on the controller without any changes. The memory-intensive NC programs are ported to the 802D sl by means of CF cards, Ethernet or USB. The programs are executed from the CF card at the same speed as in the NC memory.

Convert linear traversing into splines (COMPCAD)

During the execution of the mold-making programs, the controller converts the linear traversing blocks into splines with the aid of the compressor (COMPCAD). This reduces the block change times and achieves faster data processing. The special functions from the 840D, such as separate jerk limitation for rapid traverse and feedrate as well as following error compensation through the integrated precontrol, are also implemented. The look-ahead functionality for the next 100 traversing blocks compensates for acceleration jumps, which improves the surface quality and the trueness of shape. The SINUMERIK 802D sl is also well equipped for the requirements of 3-axis mold making.


Video: Machining a knight chess figure

The video shows the milling of a knight chess figure that is milled line-by-line on an 802D sl.



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