Mold making view with SINUMERIK Operate

Function and tasks of the mould making view

The mold design view provides a quick grafic preview of large NC programs, e.g. from CAD systems. It shows the machining paths, giving you a quick overview of the NC program, for example, for targeted corrections.

 The mold-making view supports such blocks as those with G0, G1, G2 and G3, polynomials and B splines, and vector and rotary axis programming. Non-interpretable NC blocks are skipped and not displayed in the graphic.

Checking the program

For instance, you can check whether

  • the programmed workpiece has the correct form (shape),

  • whether there are large traversing errors,

  • if yes, which block must be corrected,

  • how the approach and exits are.

Simultaneous view of the program and mold making view

In the editor, next to the program block display, switch-in the graphic view (see grafic above or video below).

  • At the left in the editor, if you set the cursor to an NC block with position data, then this NC block is selected in the graphic view.
  • If you select a point to the right in the graphic view - then the NC block is selected in the lefthand part of the editor - i.e. in the other direction. This is how you jump directly to a position in the program in order to edit a program block for example.

Video Mold Making View

You see the possibilities of the mold making view summarized briefly in the video.


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