Top Surface - for top-quality workpiece surfaces

"Cleans" G1 sets from CAD data, optimizes dynamic behavior

The Top Surface option results in significantly better workpiece surfaces for obliquely milled finishing programs, with "poor" data quality and/or irregular point distribution in NC programs from the CAD/CAM system. Top Surface is related to the High Speed Settings (CYLCE832 and Advanced Surface).

Top Surface - benefits and application

The SINUMERIK Top Surface function produces the finest surfaces, and this is largely independent of the quality of the CAD/CAM data. At the same time, the machine is protected: through harmonious tool guidance and minimized vibration excitation.

The video explains the principle and application of the SINUMERIK Top Surface function. If the option is activated (licensed), it is available for selection in the user interface of the Cycle 832.

SINUMERIK Top Surface uses "Advanced Surface" functions and, like these, is parameterized via the user interface of the Cycle 832. Both Advanced Surface and Cycle 832 are part of the MDynamics option package. 

Top Surface and CYCLE832

If the Top Surface option is enabled on the CNC, it is selectable in the CYCLE832 "High Speed Settings". This results in significantly better workpiece surfaces in the case of skewed finishing programs, "poor" data quality and/or irregular point distribution in NC programs due to data export from the CAD/CAM system.

Furthermore, Top Surface optimizes the dynamic behavior:

  • improved compliance with acceleration and jerk limits
  • reduced vibration excitation of the machine

In addition to selecting the machining mode (finishing, pre-finishing, roughing), the following settings are possible:

  • Smoothing yes/no
  • Multi-axis program yes/no
  • Contour and orientation tolerance


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