programSYNC – Efficient Programming for Multi-channel Machines

Multi channel programming with SINUMERIK Operate

Turning-milling centers with multiple tool slides are generally accepted as being the high-end machines in this segment. The SINUMERIK assigns and manages the individual tool holders in various channels. Siemens, with its standardized SINUMERIK Operate user interface, provides a standard user interface that allows with the help of a double editor the creation of programs for two channels and their calibration with each other using the programSYNC function. This permits an efficient programming directly on the controller.

Double editor and programSYNC

The programs are divided into single machining steps (blocks) in the double editor that are then filled with G-Code or ShopTurn cycles. They form the basis for the multi-channel programming. These program sections can be opened and closed, achieving an easily-understandable program structure.

Dual-channel main screen - spindle and channel

A dual-channel main screen greatly simplifies common work tasks, such as setup and operation, and contributes to the excellent clear arrangement of the user interface. The operator has access to two variants for the final positioning of the machine. SINUMERIK Operate provides the spindle- or channel-based positioning here. This allows the machine operator to choose the optimum variant for the machining situation.

Wait marks

The programSYNC function provides an additional feature: So-called wait marks time-synchronize the individual blocks of the channels. The function matches the machining steps with each other and, thanks to an automatic time evaluation, the operator is able to optimize the multi-channel program in the double editor. This allows the individual machining tasks, if required, to be transferred to other channels in order to create a time-optimized program. Moving picture sequences, so-called "animated elements", provide cycles for the programming to support the work sequence and a final 3D simulation of both channels simultaneously in a window to ensure the maximum execution reliability.


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