Turn-milling with counterspindle, multichannel and balanced cutting

Part 7 of the video series SINUMERK live

In the video series SINUMERIK live we present application technology easily and clearly explained. With theory and practice examples you are introduced into productive and professional use of SINUMERIK functions.

SINUMERIK live #7: Turn-milling with counterspindle , multichannel and balanced cutting

In the video you will learn something about the possibilities and variants of production with counterspindle. In doing so, we discuss the various tasks that a counterspindle can take on.

Simultaneous machining with several tool carriers is possible with separate control channels per tool carrier. The advantages and procedure are shown in the application example "Ballanced Cutting".

Afterwards we will show you a live example of a multichannel application on a turning machine with counterspindle, equipped with a SINUMERIK 840D sl control.


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