Sinumerik One – „The digital native CNC“

The new Sinumerik One CNC name and product represent a paradigm shift in business with machine tools as well as their use. Sinumerik One opens up opportunities to make engineering and machining processes more efficient.

A CNC4you article on Sinumerik One, published in the CNC4you magazine 1/2020. You can find official Siemens product information about Sinumerik One here.

SINUMERIK ONE - brings ideas to life

A new CNC from Siemens. After Sinumerik 840C and 840D, the next logical name should have actually been 840E. However, considering the significantly improved performance data of the new control system, just continuing the name syntax would not have seemed fitting.


For Sinumerik One, the Sinumerik system software has been developed further and ported onto multi-core processor architectures. This shortens machining times significantly in 5-axis machining of free-form surfaces.


The distribution of individual CNC tasks, such as Sinumerik Operate or the adaptation control, which is now a Simatic S7-1500, on different processor kernels increased the operating performance and shortened machine idle times. 

Signals a paradigm shift

Sinumerik One represents more than just an improvement in performance. Sinumerik One focuses on just how massively machine tool  businesses are changing.


"The digital native CNC" name clearly points to this paradigm shift. The development of the new CNC really did kick off on a pure virtual basis, with a digital twin of the electronics module.


Although the real CNC module only became available at a later date, machine OEMs were already able to engineer the CNC in the virtual world.


Shifting the product development to digital twins is extending to include the production and operation of machine tools. The time it takes from the first conceptual idea up until the first chips are made is significantly reduced. 

End users benefit from virtualization

And the end users operating the machines? They also gain time and security.


Thanks to Sinumerik One, end users can already discuss the solutions they require in the manufacturer's virtual showroom. This offers immense advantages and additional security, especially when it comes to customized machine solutions.


End user personnel can also start training based on digital twins. Complex operating can be simulated on virtual machines in advance without the risk of damaging a real machine.


Ultimately, machine manufacturers will be able to offer significantly improved hotline support and service based on digital twins.

The objective: Produce more efficiently and more flexibly

Machine tools are part of almost every value-added chain. Customization and shorter consumer product life cycles are demanding increasingly smaller batch sizes. This is why companies are shifting to CNC production planning as many activities as possible that would otherwise take up valuable machine cutting times.


And this is precisely what Sinumerik One supports. Orders can be virtually planned using digital twins. This not only helps to prevent tool collisions with parts, clamping equipment or the machine itself, but now even makes it possible to execute a complete test CNC program run virtually. The CNC program's runtime is determined precisely and machine utilization can be accurately planned in advance.


This represents a significant advantage, specifically for CNC job shops, who must increasingly fight for orders on Internet platforms. After an order has been placed, the production order that had already been virtually generated is physically machined.

Extensive portfolio for the virtual machine environment

Together with the real CNC, Create MyVirtual Machine and Run MyVirtual Machine have created an extensive portfolio of solutions for the virtual machine environment. Run MyVirtual Machine /Operate can be used to verify virtual images of CNC programs offline. In Run MyVirtual Machine /3D, the virtual CNC is supplemented by a virtual image of the machining space. In addition to collision protection, the feasibility of actually machining the order in the specific machine can be verified down to the smallest detail. This is very useful, especially for restricted spaces in 5-axis machining centers.


Sinumerik One signals a paradigm shift. Digital Twins based on the Create MyVirtual Machine and Run MyVirtual Machine software portfolio help manufacturers and users achieve the productivity boost that they need when building and operating CNC machines. 


Sinumerik One – „Bring ideas to life”.


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