Manufacturing automation and networking

CNC4you - Production planning
A uniform and consistent system environment for planning, controlling, monitoring and optimizing production - even with inhomogeneous machine inventories

Automate manufacturing and make the best use of resources with SINUMERIK software

Manufacturing with SINUMERIK offers the opportunity to optimize manufacturing processes in an integrated ecosystem of CNC functionality, process chain, robotics and resource management, and virtualization. In "brown field" environments with existing machines, the openness of the Siemens systems is used to also integrate third-party controls. 

Megatrend virtualization

Whether it is a workshop, a contract manufacturer, a production department in a medium-sized city or an industrial company: Virtually every manufacturing operation benefits from planning and operating its processes using simulation techniques. Simulation techniques and shopfloor management software help to optimize the use of machines and other resources and to avoid production risks due to collisions, runtime errors or incorrect operation. Decreasing batch sizes and the increased volume of customized workpieces are strengthening this trend. 


Manufacturing automation is being taken over more and more by CNC systems.CNC-controlled robots manage handling as well as setup and machining tasks.  With the latest control systems, the robots are becoming an integral part of the virtualization and visualization with digital twins, thus achieving an unprecedented level of consistency in manufacturing automation.


Robots in manufacturing

CNC-controlled robots for handling, setup and machining

CNC robotics for handling, setup and machining

The robot can do more and its programming becomes easier when its automation and simulation are integrated consistently into the manufacturing systems. SINUMERIK "Run MyRobot" follows this approach for different control generations, workshop and manufacturing environments - from pure handling tasks to the linking of manufacturing stations and for to setup and machining tasks.


Using process data with edge computing

Edge computing opens up a stress-free path for the CNC to significantly expanded process data utilization and new, data-based machine functions 

Edge Computing: Near-machine intelligence uses high-frequency process data

Edge computing leverages high-frequency machine data and the near-machine intelligence and connectivity of edge devices, opening up new opportunities to improve productivity, flexibility and manufacturing effectiveness. Edge computing for machine tools uses industry-proven "Industrial Edge" components in conjunction with SINUMERIK CNCs. Edge computing is available both purely machine-related ("in machine"), for the production line (in line), and in connection with MindSphere also with cloud functionality, so that tasks such as predictive maintenance or KPI-related management topics can also be handled via edge computing.


Shopfloor Management

Siemens shopfloor management software operates at three levels: in the machine, on the production line, and in local or cloud-based IT.

Production and process optimization in CNC manufacturing

Siemens shopfloor management software operates at three levels: in the machine, on the production line, and in local or cloud-based IT.

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NC robots can do more with a digital twin  

Robotics integration and edge computing for existing machines 

The Siemens motor plant in Bad Neustadt has equipped a milling center with CNC-controlled robots and edge computing. The highlight: A digital twin of the robot for commissioning and work preparation – even teach-in of new workpieces is possible in the virtual world. 


Ready for production thanks to a digital twin

Moving gantry milling center with SINUMERIK ONE: Digital model saves a lot of time during production ramp up

The end customer already received the digital twin for two new SINUMERIK ONE-controlled MAKA PM270 gantry-type machining centers while the machines were being built. This means the NC programs including collision test could be loaded and the operator training completed even before the machines were being delivered. As a result, production could start much sooner. 


More productive with digital twin

Constant focus on production productivity

Siemens Tübingen is continuously optimizing the productivity of its SIMOGEAR geared motor production by simulating machines and plants.   


Path-accurate robots acting as a machine tool 

Maucher CNC-Robotic GmbH

Maucher uses CNC-controlled standard robots for precise gluing, burring, water-jet cutting, deburring, riveting and other processing steps in its own production - and is therefore very successful. Maucher is now offering the clever machining cells with CNC-controlled robots to third parties - as individualized machining centers on the basis of standardized manufacturing cells, which do not require a foundation and fit on a truck completely pre-assembled ...


Robots in manufacturing

Retreaded turning machine combined with drilling station

Sinumerik CNCs control robots and machine tools - simultaneously. An example from Bad Neustadt.


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