Work preparation with SINUMERIK


A machine tool is productive when it produces chips. Activities where the machine does not chip should be consistently shifted to CNC work preparation. This includes CNC programming, testing and running-in of programs. With the appropriate SINUMERIK software, this work can be done efficiently on the PC while the machine is productive.

SINUMERIK in work preparation

More cutting time, fewer errors, optimally used resources  

SINUMERIK software helps the work preparation department to implement upcoming production orders in a resource-optimized manner:

  • in the creation and/or optimization and verification of NC programs,
  • with the CAD/CAM connection,
  • in resource management (machines, tools, fixtures, released NC programs),
  • in making reliable statements about feasibility and production costs.

NC programs 

NC programs creation, optimization, verification, runtime determination, collision control - on machine and/or on PC

Create and verify NC programs 

Creating, verifying and optimizing NC programs, determining machining time with quotation reliability, feasibility studies - for all these work preparation tasks, the CNC functionality for operating, programming and simulating is also available on the PC: 

  • "Run MyVirtual Machine" reflects the capabilities of the latest "Digital Native" CNCs of the SINUMERIK ONE series on the PC - up to 3D simulation of machine, tools, workpiece and chip fixtures for optimization of machining processes, feasibility checks and collision control.
  • The most common SINUMERIK CNCs (840D, 828D) with SINUMERIK Operate as system software are represented by "SinuTrain for SINUMERIK Operate" on the PC. SINUMERIK 808D on PC" does a similar job for the entry-level class.
  • MyVirtual Machine as part of the NX CAD/CAM software enables the creation and realistic testing of NC programs already in the CAD/CAM system. 


CNC4you - ressource planning

Ressource management

Efficiently manage and optimally use machines, tools, fixtures and released NC programs

Resource management in work preparation

Do you want to save time, start production orders faster and more punctually? Get the right program and all the necessary tools to the machine at the right time? THis can help: A central overview of all production tools and their condition, an archive of all released programs with details of the suitable machines - and an overview of the condition of the machines.

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