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The TIA Selection Tool is a configurator for the entire Siemens automation portfolio. The Cloud and Desktop version allows flexible working from any location and at any time. The intelligent wizards in the tool support you with your configuration and enable you to create a correct configuration every time without the need for any technical knowledge. Start your own configuration now with the TIA Selection Tool!

Tips for you

Interplay of the desktop and the online version

In this video tutorial we show you how you can design your work processes to be even more efficient thanks to the seamless interplay of the desktop and web-based versions of the TIA Selection Tool. We demonstrate this using an application example based on practice.

TIA Selection Tool - Data exchange with the TIA Portal

Mechanical engineers and system integrators use a wide variety of software in each of their planning phases, ranging from hardware and electrical planning to engineering. In each of these systems, the hardware selection, network planning and I/O tagging are performed as the basis for the further steps in planning. Transferring this information into the different systems saves a great deal of time and prevents errors.

Siemens solution

  • The exchange of information between the TIA Selection Tool, ECAD and TIA Portal using a standardized hardware data exchange format based on AutomationML
  • Transfer of the information for hardware selection / configuration; network planning and I/O tags 

Three steps toward seamless and bidirectional transfer of hardware and network configurations:

  • Create a hardware configuration in the TIA Selection Tool
  • Transfer the hardware configuration for the engineering to the TIA Portal by means of Automation Markup Language (AML)
  • Transfer of the data for the electrical planning to an ECAD system via the standardized AML file

TIA Selection Tool - 24V DC Consumer View

In this video tutorial we want to show you how you can conveniently and reliably select the right SITOP power supply unit for your project. 

Every automation project requires a power supply. The correct design of the power supply means energy efficiency without any restrictions in terms of performance. On the basis of a sample project, we demonstrate to you how easy this is with the TIA Selection Tool.

When selecting your components in the TIA Selection Tool you frequently require further documents, technical or CAE data, collectively referred to as CAx data, in order to be able to continue working in the ECAD software.

In order to simplify the compilation and downloading of the CAx data, you can transfer the list of components from the TIA Selection Tool directly into our CAx Download Manager.

All you then have to do is select the required type of data and start the data export. The CAx Download Manager compiles your individual package and sends you a notification as soon as the download is available.

All you need in order to use the CAx Download Manager is a free account on our Siemens Industry Online Support Portal.For a detailed video guide on the CAx Download Manager, click on the following link:

❯ CAx Download Manager - video guide

Enjoy the benefits of the CAx Download Manager:

  • More time for other tasks while the CAx Download Manager compiles all your data for you
  • No laborious searching for individual documents
  • All data for a complete shopping cart can be downloaded in one place
  • Individual selection of the required data formats 
Configure your own download!

Start CAx Download Manager

A wide range of Siemens devices have a priori UL approval in addition to IEC approval. As some device combinations must be selected in accordance with special UL regulations, the TIA Selection Tool supports you with the corresponding selection options, e.g. for the selection of:


-       Motor starter combinations

-       Incoming feeder circuit breakers or

-       Drives according to UL

What's in it for you?

  • Save time and money thanks to correct configuration of the entire automation and control portfolio
  • Higher quality by avoiding redundant planning steps and prevention of errors by means of automatic data transmission 
  • Standardized AML interface for full flexibility
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