Digital tools for efficient control panel engineering

Design of load feeders with TST

The new Load Feeder Configurator+ (IEC)

As of now, you can select the suitable switching and protection devices for your motor with the Load Feeder Configurator+ (IEC) in the offline version of the TIA Selection Tool. At the press of a button it will provide you with the standardized cable cross-sections and short-circuit values for fuseless load feeders. Dimensioning your feeders has never been easier and more reliable! Find out more about this in our Tip “Dimensioning load feeders made easy” and download there the tool free of cost.

Load Feeder Configurator+ in the offline version of the TIA Selection Tool

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More efficient engineering process

Optimize your engineering workflow

The way to optimized control panels can be complex. How can you make even better use of your optimization potential today? We can help you digitize your engineering with high-quality, easy-to-integrate data, smart tools and expert know-how to simplify your engineering process.

Discover all information about standards and engineering of industrial control panels

Are you looking for valuable expert know-how for your control panel? Learn more from white papers, technical manuals, brochures and flyers, watch the webinars or use our offer on software tools for the electrical engineering.

Interdisciplinary engineering

Close relationship between the three engineering disciplines

Our tools enable you to closely link mechanical design to electrical design and automation. For example, you can configure a drive and at the same time receive information on a suitable controller and power supply. The associated switching and protection devices for the motors can also be selected and dimensioned. With the aid of standardized interfaces and the use of international standards such as AML and eCl@ss, we’re already relying on tomorrow’s technology today – so you can be sure that you’ll remain efficient and competitive.