Connectivity modules 

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Make your drive system communication-capable 

The status of your drive components must be continuously recorded and communicated. This is made possible by equipping your motors and converters with appropriate connectivity modules. These modules record all the relevant operating and condition data from drive components using sensors and transmit them to MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens.

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Low voltage

Low-voltage motors and converters

To prepare low-voltage motors and converters, they must be made communication-capable and able to continuously report all relevant data. This requires a digital expansion.

Low-voltage motors


Connection of SINAMICS low-voltage converters to the cloud via SINAMICS CONNECT 300

The SINAMICS CONNECT 300 IoT gateway provides a simple plug-and-play solution for connecting SINAMICS low-voltage converters directly to the cloud. It also enables rapid, trouble-free, and economical commissioning, completely independent of the automation. No modifications are necessary to the drives’ hardware, firmware, or PLC programs. The simultaneous connection of up to eight drives creates outstanding economies of scale.


SINAMICS CONNECT 300 is also highly suited for machine users looking to integrate SINAMICS drives into their existing heterogeneous machine fleet.

Medium voltage

Medium-voltage converters are IQ-ready

With the SINAMICS CONNECT 500 connectivity module, SINAMICS medium-voltage converters are also communication-capable and IQ-ready.

SINAMICS CONNECT 500 for medium-voltage converters

SINAMICS medium-voltage converters can also be ordered easily and conveniently as IQ Ready. This offers numerous advantages: for example, you’ll receive valuable information on the status of your converter.


The SINAMICS CONNECT 500 connectivity module ensures that extensive converter information can be analyzed right in MindSphere and subsequently in SIDRIVE IQ Fleet. This means that information like parameters, events, error logs, and a history overview is available in the event of errors. The modules make it easier to limit unexpected error messages and make sure that your drive system can be analyzed, optimized, and restarted within minutes. Networking gives you precise condition information – and thanks to SIDRIVE IQ, you can fully optimize your converters’ reliability and availability.

High voltage

High-voltage motors are IQ-ready

In the high-voltage range, the SIMOTICS CONNECT 600 connectivity module ensures the connectivity that motors require for SIDRIVE IQ Fleet.
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