SIMOTICS HV Series HS-modyn

SIMOTICS HV Series HS-modyn

The high-speed direct drive for compressors

The SIMOTICS HV Series HS-modyn sets standards when it comes to the availability of compressor drives: due to the unique rotor design it has the highest degree of reliability and minimum maintenance costs.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Maximum availability for plants with high-speed compressors
  • Minimum structural vibrations
  • Low operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance effort
  • Environmently-friendly and extreme low maintenance cost
  • Due to its unique and rugged rotor design, this motor is extreme reliable and provides a long service life, even at speeds up to 15,900 rpm in the Megawatt-range
  • Optimized enclosure design, de-coupled stator and solid shaft
  • Very high efficiency – wide speed control range without any significant power losses
  • Direct drive
  • Optional use of active magnet bearings for wear-and oil free operation

Technical data overview

Induction motor with solid squirrel-cage rotor
Power and speed range
5 MW at 15,900 rpm
up to 30 MW at 6,000 rpm
No. of poles
Drive converter voltage up to 7.2 kV
Cooling medium
Air/water or Air/air
Degree of protection
Explosion protection
Increased safety, Zone 2, Ex ec
Pressurized, Zone 1, Ex pxb

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