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SIMOTICS FD Flexible Duty motors

SIMOTICS FD motors optimized for converter operation are the basis for a cost-effective overall system comprising motor and converter with high power density. The cast iron enclosure makes the motor rugged and durable. When operated as variable-speed drive, SIMOTICS FD motors are especially efficient. The combination of SIMOTICS FD motors and SINAMICS low-voltage converters is especially cost effective, as motor and converter are precisely harmonized and coordinated with one another. The motors are based on a leading-edge modular system, which provides the optimum motor to address the widest range of requirements. They are available with different cooling methods – extending all the way to water cooling.   

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SIMOTICS FD - Highlights

Die Motorenreihe SIMOTICS FD deckt einen Leistungsbereich von 200 kW bis mehr als 1.800 kW ab und ist für den Betrieb mit SINAMICS-Frequenzumrichtern optimiert. Durch ihr innovatives Baukastenkonzept und das robuste Graugussgehäuse sind die Motoren optimal für alle Anwendungen geeignet. Sie verfügen über ein kompaktes und geräuscharmes Design und zeichnen sich durch Flexibilität und hohe Leistungsdichte aus.
SIMOTICS FD - product selection

Overview of the product range

With an extensive range of versions, the motors are extremely versatile and can address the widest range of applications and sectors, guaranteeing energy efficient operation. Special variants of SIMOTICS FD motors specifically address the marine and crane domains. In addition to versions for safe areas, a special version is also available for hazardous Zone 2 and hazardous zone 22 – with a comprehensive range of international certificates. In addition to classic motor applications, Siemens offers its SIMOTICS FD as energy storage version; this smooths energy peaks in cyclic processes, therefore generating a clear value-added for customers. The unique, global service concept guarantees the highest degree of reliability.
SIMOTICS FD - system overview

An overview of the technology

Air cooled, enclosed
Water cooled
Air cooled, open
Power range
200 to 1200 kW
200 to 1500 kW
200 to 1800 kW
Shaft heights
315, 355, 400, 450
Line voltages
50 Hz line supplies: 400 / 500 / 690 V 60 Hz line supplies: 460 / 575 V (other voltages on request)
Rated speeds
750 - 3600
Types of construction
IM B3, IM B 35, IM V1, IM V15, IM V5, IM V6 according to DIN EN 60034-7
SIMOTICS FD - benefits & applications

Special motors for special applications

SIMOTICS FD (Flexible Duty) IEC low-voltage motors for converter operation can be deployed in a wide range of applications.

  • Pumps, fans, compressors
  • Conveyor belts
  • Centrifuges and extruders
  • Cranes, winches and hoisting gear
  • Presses
  • Paper machines
  • Rolling mills and marine applications

SIMOTICS FD motors are the versatile solution for your application. They are deployed in the widest range of industries, for instance steel, plastics, oil & gas, energy as well as in the marine sector.

SIMOTICS FD - Downloads and Support

More information about SIMOTICS FD

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SIMOTICS FD - references

SIMOTICS FD in the field

SIMOTICS FD motors are being successfully used in many projects around the globe. You can find an interesting selection of these projects here.

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Configure and order SIMOTICS FD Flexible Duty motors quickly and easily

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