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Spindle motors have a decisive influence on cutting productivity through their power and torque. In addition to suitable power, sufficient speed ranges must also be covered. Especially in the compact class, low complexity and ease of use play an important role in addition to price. The motor series SIMOTICS M-1PH3 is a spindle motor generation developed for universal implementation in plants and machines with motion control applications. The motors are provided in an asynchronous variant with forced ventilation and shaft heights of 100 mm and 132 mm. They are characterized by high robustness and simple application. The 2-fold overload capacitiy allows high cutting performance. The encoderless variant offers an attractive solution to put motors into operation quickly and easily. 1PH3 spindle motors were developed specifically for demands in turning and milling operations. They can be used in combination with SINUMERIK 828D control systems and SINAMICS S120 drivers. The motor series SIMOTICS M-1PH1 is your optimal choice for the entry-level of machine tools. The series can be combined with SINUMERIK 808 control systems and SINAMICS V70 drives.

SIMOTICS S-1FT7 Advantages & Applications




  • High mechanical and electrical robustness for long lifetime
  • Outstanding performance and optimal speed range
  • High precision with respect to the speed, torque and positioning
  • Wide power spectrum with low envelope dimensions, dynamic and compact
  • Safe operation by Safety Integrated with SINAMICS S120
  • High encoder resolution 22 Bit DQ-encoder
  • Cost-optimized solution for simple turning applications through encoderless turning
  • Up to 2-fold overload optimized for SINAMICS S120 and S120 COMBI
  • Integrated encoder system
  • Commissioning with the electronic naming plate and DRIVE-CLiQ interface
  • Optimized forced air cooling system
  • Simple and flexible connection system 
  • Low noise emission
  • Rotating spindles
  • Grinding spindles
System overview

Technology at a glance

* depending on the version and type
Rated torque *

up to 105 Nm

up to 143 Nm

Max. speed *

up to 10.000 U/min

up to 12.000 U/min

Rated power *
3,7 – 15 kW

3,7– 15 kW

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