The cabinet unit converter for demanding applications with energy recovery

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The compact SINAMICS S150 cabinet units are designed for variable speed drives in machine building and plant engineering. They are particularly suitable for use with variable speed drives with high demands on dynamics and speed accuracy, frequent braking cycles with high braking energies and 4-quadrant operation. SINAMICS S150 offers high-performance speed control with high accuracy and dynamics. The inverter cabinet units are available for the power range from 75 kW to 1200 kW.

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Overview of strengths

Multifunctional. Highly dynamic. Capable of energy recovery.

Whether presses, centrifuges, conveyor belts, test benches or cranes – SINAMICS S150 meets the highest requirements for process sequences with dynamic and reproducible processes in machines or plants. And this in a wide variety of industries such as automotive, mining, food and nutrition, but also metals and chemicals.
SINAMICS S150 - System overview

Technology at a glance

Line voltage
3 AC 380 up to 480 V
3 AC 500 up to 690 V
Power range
110 up to 800 kW
75 up to 1200 kW
Degree of protection
IP20 (Standard), optional IP21/IP23/IP43 and IP54
Control mode
 Vector control with and without encoder or U/f control
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SINAMICS S150 advantages and application areas

The converter for demanding applications with energy recovery

Compact und multifunctional
  • SINAMICS S150 are ready-to-connect cabinet units in the standard control cabinet
  • With an extensive option package, they can be adapted to the respective requirements
  • Standard mains power supply to allow 4Q operation without restrictions
  • Significant energy savings, especially during frequent braking cycles
  • Imprinting of almost sinusoidal network currents by a fast current control; robust in case of mains voltage fluctuations
  • Possibility of reactive power compensation (inductive or capacitive)
  • Good accessibility of all device modules, thus the highest level of service friendliness


Typical applications

Suitable applications for SINAMICS S150

Digitalization solutions for low-voltage converters​

Digitalization solutions for low-voltage converters​

Whether virtualization and simulation, dimensioning and configuration, connectivity, data analysis, or services, digitalization gives you access to greater efficiency and reliability in planning, operation, and maintenance.​

Get the most out of your converter data with digitalization​

The digitalization portfolio for drive technology offers everything from digital twins of converters, selection and engineering tools, and connectivity solutions to analysis apps and data-based services. These solutions permit optimized development processes, demand-oriented maintenance planning and ensure higher productivity.

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Configure and order SINAMICS S150 quickly and easily

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