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SINAMICS G130 Chassis Units  -  SINAMICS G150 Cabinet Units

SINAMICS G130 chassis units and SINAMICS G150 Cabinet units have been designed for variable-speed drives in machine building and plant construction. They have been specially tuned to the requirements of drives with quadratic or constant load characteristics with medium performance requirements without regenerative feedback. The control accuracy of the sensorless vector control is suitable for most applications, and additional actual speed value encoders are therefore superfluous. SINAMICS G130/G150 offer an economical drive solution which can be matched to the respective customer requirements by a wide range of components and options.

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SINAMICS G130/150 Customer benefits


  • Besonders leise und kompakte Umrichter durch den Einsatz modernster IGBT-Leistungshalbleiter und innovativem Kühlungskonzept.
  • Gute Zugänglichkeit aller Geräte-Module, dadurch höchstes Maß an Servicefreundlichkeit. 
  • Problemloses Einbinden in Automatisierungslösungen durch eine serienmäßige Profibus-Schnittstelle und verschiedene analoge und digitale Schnittstellen. 
  • Erhöhung der Anlagenverfügbarkeit durch leichtes und schnelles Austauschen von Einzelmodulen und Leistungskomponenten. 
  • Einfache Inbetriebnahme und Parametrierung, menügeführt am Komfortbedienfeld AOP30 mit grafikfähigem LCD-Display und Klartextanzeige. 

It is advantageous to use variable-speed drives wherever bulk, liquid or gaseous materials have to be moved, transported, pumped or compressed.Such applications basically include:

  • Pumps, fans, compressors
  • Moving: Belt conveyors, ship's drives 
  • Processing: Mills, mixers, kneaders, crushers, agitators, rotary furnaces, extruders
  • Branch Chemical Industry
  • Branch Oil & Gas
  • Branch Water / Waste water
Technical data

Technical data overview

Supply voltage and output range

3AC 380 to 690 V, 75 to 800 kW
3AC 380 to 690 V, 110 to 2700 kW
47 to 63 Hz
47 to 63 Hz
Control modes

Vector control with encoder or V/f control

Vector control with encoder or V/f control

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SINAMICS G130 & G150 in practice

The SINAMICS G130/G150 is being successfully used in numerous projects all over the world. You can find an interesting selection of these projects here.

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Configure and order SINAMICS G130/G150 quickly and easily

Configure directly online