Performance redefined

SIMOTICS Severe Duty Motors

SIMOTICS SD next generation – performance meets digitalization

Severe Duty Motors have always excelled with high reliability and powerful performance, even in the most challenging applications. But now - performance and ruggedness are redefined. Discover the whole new range of a low-voltage motor program that is truly unique on today's market – and that is setting entirely new benchmarks.

The new generation of SIMOTICS SD low-voltage motors offers decisive advantages of being ready for digitalization. It enables you to optimize your processes because the units become embedded in your digital enterprise. As a result of the smaller envelope dimensions, the new design sports a high power density. The motors come in three variants: 

  • SIMOTICS SD: In addition to their exceptionally high reliability, what's particularly convincing about the SIMOTICS SD series motors is their high starting and breakaway torques. And with SIMOTICS CONNECT – a sensor box mounted on the motor – these motors are IQ-ready.
  • SIMOTICS SD Add: With their low starting currents and global certificates, the SIMOTICS SD Add variant can be deployed in all major global regions and markets. What's more, their low starting currents not only meets industry-specific requirements and specifications of the process industry, but also helps improve operational quality.
  • SIMOTICS SD Pro: The third version  is characterized by their outstanding flexibility and scalability. SIMOTICS SD Pro provides you with motors that you can use anywhere in the world - in any system or plant configuration you wish. Either it´s connected to the line supply or to a converter with up to 690 V.  One particular highlight is the unique combination of important global certificates, multi-voltage capability, and stable efficiency levels based on IE3, regardless of whether the network frequency is 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

SIMOTICS SD next generation is ideal for our new HBS screw blower, mainly because of its energy efficiency, compact design, and low service costs.
W. Hartmann, Head of Marketing, Kaeser Kompressoren SE
Benefits at a glance

Benefits for today, ready for tomorrow

Digitalization will permanently change drive technology. We specifically designed and equipped the SIMOTICS SD next generation motor series to meet every challenge of this fundamental transformation.


The digital platform SIDRIVE IQ enhances transparency, increases reliability and optimizes maintenance friendliness. Precise, seamless data on motors and their associated converters are generated and analyzed end to end. This enables you in the future to reduce unscheduled outages, eliminate faults more quickly, improve your plant performance. Customized service packages are also available.

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Technical details

For high standards, major challenges, and unique regional features

Whether exposed to dust, shock and vibration loading or the harsh environment that prevail in the process industries: Our SIMOTICS SD next generation low-voltage motors are right at home even under the most demanding conditions. With their robust housing and unique specifications, they can be used in a very broad range of applications.

Performance meets practice

The new SIMOTICS SD next generation low-voltage motor series keeps its promises – and precisely  meets the requirements of numerous customers and their demanding applications.