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Reliable, safe and rugged in operation - the SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR

SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR combines classical CHEMSTAR technology with Siemens’ SIMOTICS low-voltage motor platform. For about 25 years, CHEMSTAR has been setting technical standards for explosion-protected motors in the oil & gas and chemical industries – where it has proven itself 100,000 times over

Every year, millions of motors based on the SIMOTICS low-voltage motor platform leave the assembly line. What sets them apart is high quality standards, short delivery times, and simple yet fast workflows, from planning, procurement, and engineering to integration and service.


CHEMSTAR represents decades of experience in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries. The SIMOTICS platform adds the benefits derived from a well-honed and stable series production environment: seamless quality checks; highly efficient and intuitive standard tools for simple selection, configuration, and commissioning; simplified ordering processes; short delivery times‘ and a high degree of standardization of the components used. SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR synergizes the best features from both of these worlds. The result of this synergy is a new technology standard for explosion-protected motors in process industries, today and tomorrow.

Proven quality – for decades


Based on decades of experience and expertise in explosion protection, our advanced new generation of explosion-protected low-voltage motors meets the industry’s strictest quality standards – ensuring maximum reliability, high efficiency, and superior ruggedness even under extreme conditions.

 The benefits at a glance

  • Maximum operational safety, availability, and reliability even in extreme environmentsPreconfigured option packages for the chemical and oil & gas industries, such as industry-specific coatings with category C4 corrosion protection, stainless steel screws and bolts, and an industry-specific, extended warranty period
  • Free choice of options, such as reduced inlet currents, motor monitoring, reinforced bearings, tropical climate version for extreme humidity, special coating systems, or offshore C5M-M classification
  • Significant cost savings by simplified overall processes
  • Short delivery times, faster project execution
  • Reduced specification work, fewer changes and clarifications
  • Documentation that can be flexibly adapted to simple or highly complex projects
Applications in industry

Designed for harsh operating environments

Our new motor generation covers the range from 0.25 to 500 kilowatts (kW) for Ex eb, Ex ec, Ex db, Ex tb, and Ex tc zone 1 and 2 ignition protection types. They feature a very rugged design with a housing and bearing plates in gray cast iron and a fan shroud in steel. Their high efficiency class (IE3) results in low operating costs. Predefined industry-specific packages, such as special coatings for high, category C4 corrosion protection and stainless steel screws/bolts, as well as extended warranty periods, are available to complement the perfect fit of SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR in chemical, oil & gas, and petrochemical processes. Further, freely configurable options include reduced inlet currents, motor monitoring, reinforced bearings, and tropical climate versions.

SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR for petrochemical and oil & gas processes

SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR for petrochemical and oil & gas processes

The high investment costs and long lifecycles associated especially with large plants in the petrochemical and oil & gas industries, as well as the increasing environmental and emission protection requirements in these markets, all demand top performance and maximum efficiency.


Your benefit:

With SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR explosion-protected motors, you can save a lot of time while achieving maximum safety at lower life cycle cost.

SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR for chemical processes

Increasing scarcity of resources, rising cost pressures, extensive safety requirements, and strict environmental regulations mean that there is no compromising when it comes to choosing a drive system.


Your benefit:

With SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR explosion-protected motors you benefit from maximum safety and dependability in chemical processing. The motors address all hazard zones: Zones 1 and 2 for gas explosion protection as well as Zones 21 and 22 for dust explosion protection. This is implemented in a standard and unified way for all common types of protection (Ex db, Ex eb, Ex ec, Ex tb, and Ex tc).

Your added value

Next-generation technology – today

SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR from Siemens puts the next generation of explosion-protected motors in your hands – today.

The range embraces all engineering and performance requirements for maximum safety and efficiency in this demanding field, while it helps speed up your engineering and adapts with ease to upcoming needs.

  • Reliable and powerful: Sophisticated platform technology on a tried-and-tested foundation
  • Complete and seamless for safety: One platform for all ex zones and complete coverage of all common protection types
  • Fast and easy: Standardized tools and processes, from planning and operation to maintenance
  • Fit for the future and digital: Additional optimization potential


Comprehensive data of billions of smart devices and game-changing know-how in all business areas: With our open, cloud-based IoT operating systems you can network your equipment and physical infrastructure with the digital world.

Integrated drive systems

Frequency converters, motors, gear units, couplings – working perfectly together on the drive train level for all automation tasks and throughout the entire lifecycle.

SIMOTICS SD next generation

Toughest environmental conditions, most challenging applications, new paradigms due to the digital enterprise: Increase the productivity of your plant with the first motor designed according to SIDRIVE IQ standards.

Digital Drive Train Services

Early identification of vulnerabilities, accelerated troubleshooting, ideal scheduling of maintenance and service activities, optimized stocking of spare parts – these are all benefits that you get as a plant operator if you’re informed of the status of your drive systems at all times. Digital Drive Train Services give you the help you need.

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