Industrial Communications in the Oil and Gas industry

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  • savings on maintenance costs

  • With our network components you not only go for maximum communication reliability and security. You also obtain up to two thirds of savings on firmware maintenance efforts – to name but one of the many benefits our portfolio has to offer.

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Value-added communication

Connectivity with a true added value

Increased productivity with reduced operational costs: This is exactly what Siemens network components stand for. And this applies both to SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM network components.

With SCALANCE, you will benefit from 66% less unexpected device downtime in production. One of the reasons for this: The onsite support would be done by the local service personnel with additional remote support from our experts who would be available on request – even for third-party equipment. This close cooperation allows you to implement smart maintenance strategies enabling the substitution of aging devices before a malfunction or even downtime occurs. In addition, you benefit from an average reaction time of only 30 minutes. Conventional services usually cost much more time and money, because they also include the travel time to the production site, as well as the replacement and configuration of the device on site. This time and cost gain will be all so greater the more remote the production site is located. Just imagine this scenario on an offshore site.


Another example from our portfolio demonstrating the added value of our offering: Our RUGGEDCOM WIN series of products – the first broadband wireless product portfolio designed for private networks, delivering the benefits of carrier-grade 4G technology to critical infrastructure applications in harsh environments. RUGGEDCOM WIN is the smart answer the fact that industrial communication networks are constantly growing – logically, physically, and often beyond the original geography. It paves the way to efficiently connecting remote operations with facilities, with enormous cost savings potential in comparison to satellite-based solutions.

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Reliable and secure

First choice for extreme conditions

Reliable and secure industrial communications can facilitate the reduction of capital and operational expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX), while also fulfilling HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environment) including challenges such as explosive atmospheres, high vibration and shock, electromagnetic interference, extreme operating temperatures and ambient conditions, and often in remote locations without any communication infrastructure. SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM products and systems are purpose-built to withstand harsh conditions addressing the unique and evolving challenges of oil and gas production.

Interested in how industrial communications realizes cost savings? Find out how in the technical article “Shaping the future of smart predictive maintenance”.

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Made for demanding conditions

Rugged environments – proven communication networks

Environmental conditions in the oil and gas industry place high demands on network components and applications. As a trusted partner of the oil and gas industry, we are well aware of these challenging conditions. Our comprehensive RUGGEDCOM and SCALANCE portfolios of best-in-class industrial network components support deployment of reliable and secure communication networks for a nearly limitless range of oil and gas applications – upstream, midstream, or downstream.

Raw material extraction is often located in harshest environments and most extreme climates. The challenge is to minimize downtime and maintain regulatory compliance.

Deep water oil and gas exploration is a business with high risks. The private and secure WiMAX broadband wireless technology of our RUGGEDCOM WIN series enables reliable long-range communication for exploration vessels, even in extremely harsh marine conditions. WiMAX is a key component in reaching project milestones such as data acquisitions, mapping of subsurfaces, identification of potential deposits and formation evaluation.


Gas compressors play a key role in the extraction, production and distribution of natural gas. Often used to maintain gas pressure in reservoirs once the natural pressure declines, they can be spread apart over several kilometers throughout a gas field. For critical infrastructure applications such as these, a private and secure WiMAX-based broadband wireless communication solution of our RUGGEDCOM WIN series can offer several benefits.



The oil and gas industry faces daily challenges to ensure reliable and secure data transmission over long distances and to remote locations. See how our portfolio of SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM products and systems enable secure and high-performance wireless communication over a wide and local area between offshore oil rigs, FPSOs, FLNGs, supply and crew vessels, in some cases, even onshore facilities.


The transportation, storage, and wholesale marketing of oil and gas faces a number of unique challenges – many of them resulting from vast infrastructural conditions.

Modern tank farms are often located amid harsh conditions. In order to deliver transparent and available data transmissions 24/7, a reliable and robust network enables high performances.

Pipelines are often exposed to harsh environments, while trespassers and theft can pose an danger to the infrastructure. Reliable, real-time video surveillance of the pipelines across long distances via remote communication protects employees and environment.

In extreme ambient and geographical conditions, the transport of oil or gas through pipelines has to be monitored generating critical data that needs to be transmitted accurately and without interruption. This valuable information must be available 24/7 at control and monitoring sites to ensure reliable and secure transportation of the hydrocarbons. The diagram shows how you can implement a highly reliable and flexible wireless communication network e.g. for data transmission alongside your pipelines.

Pipelines run across hundreds of kilometers, through a wide range of inhospitable and uninhabitated landscapes, including mountains, deserts, and rain forests with extreme climates ranging from sweltering tropics to the frozen Arctic. Connection to existing communication infrastructures is often very challenging. Have a look at the applications diagram to learn how you can still achieve connectivity to a control center with our end-to-end range of industrial network products.

Effective oil and gas field monitoring and communication require the reliable flow of information between individual stations and the control center. Our RUGGEDCOM WIN network components comply with the IEEE 802.16e standard to ensure maximum data transmission availability and reliability, even under harsh conditions.

Achieving the highest productivity and efficiency is vital in all operations taking place after the production phase to the point of sale. That´s why continuous optimization is a must.

PROFINET ensures reliable communication, no matter the circumstance. It fulfills the requirements of critical applications within process automation and plays an essential role for oil and gas customers in the downstream sector.

For applications used in the oil and gas downstream sector, fail-safe automation systems are a must in order to protect personnel and storage. With Siemens high-performance networks create the foundation for  reliable communications in process autonmation applications.

Tank farms are frequently located in remote areas with environmentally sensitive habitats or even extreme conditions, which poses challenges for protecting the safety of workers, facilities and the environment. Industrial wireless communication technologies like those of our SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM product line offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for continuous monitoring tank farm system performance, thereby minimizing the risk of HSSE incidents.

Reliable operation of process analytics starts with reliable communication from the field to the control room. See how you can implement reliable data transmission for a highly efficient monitoring and asset management system for gas chromatographs with a flexible and scalable communication network including managed Industrial Ethernet switches SCALANCE X.

As a long-time partner for the oil and gas industry, Siemens offers communication solutions that help improve efficiency and reliability while maintaining high productivity.

Industrial communications for oil & gas

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A comprehensive portfolio with comprehensive certifications

SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM network components have been granted new approvals for use in hazardous areas and marine environments. The RUGGEDCOM WIN portfolio has successfully passed the salt atmosphere test according to MIL-STD-810F. Thus, onshore and offshore WiMAX applications can cover distances of up to 40 km wirelessly. The combined SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM portfolio is based on international standards such as ATEX, FM, IECEx and UL Hazloc. Some of our RUGGEDCOM components also have CSA approvals. Furthermore, our products have various marine approvals such as ABS, BV, DNV-GL, LR, NK, PRS and RINA. Use our product finders to choose the right product for your application.


SIMATIC NET Selection Tool

Use the SIMATIC NET Selection Tool to choose, configure and topologically connect industrial Ethernet switches and industrial wireless components. The integrated configurator with distance calculation for Industrial Wireless LAN for example helps you optimally assemble the components you need for your radio field.

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Our comprehensive portfolio of RUGGEDCOM comprises products specifically designed for use in harsh and demanding environments. We have the right solution for every application. Use our RUGGEDCOM Selector to assemble the right RUGGEDCOM products for your application – in a simple and user-friendly way.

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Robotic Drilling Systems AS reference

Oil and gas drilling goes digital

The oil and gas industry has finally entered the world of automation and digital process control. Norway-based Robotic Drilling Systems AS and Siemens have teamed up to develop a game changing drill floor solution comprising robotic technology for fully unmanned oil and gas drill floor operations.

Fully-automated handling robots for oil and gas drilling rigs

From automation to big data: Drilling for oil and gas is still a process requiring extensive manual work on onshore and offshore drilling platforms. In the vicinity of Stavanger, Norway, Robotic Drilling Systems AS has developed a fully automatic drilling system for largely unmanned drilling operations. The combination of four handling robots helps the industry to save costs while greatly improving reliability and availability of the drilling equipment. This innovative technology is the first step towards more efficient, less risky and more profitable drill floor operations based on digital industrial communication, control and automation. It will also provide a wealth of process data to better understand and optimize the drilling process.

Unmanned oil and gas drill floor operations - digitalization in the oil & gas industry

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Successful examples from practical application

Around the world, companies from the oil and gas sector benefit from our first-class portfolio and our comprehensive expertise in the fields of industrial communication networks.   
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End-to-end protection against cyber threats

Digitalization is becoming more and more important in the oil and gas sector – as a crucial lever to gain decisive enhancements and breakthroughs when it comes to productivity and safety. Achieving these outcomes requires reliable and efficient industrial communication networks. They are indispensable for any digital transformation.