Communications processors

Image of the product group of communications processors (CPs) for SIMATIC

Communication for SIMATIC – best connections, thanks to the right CPs

Communications processors (CPs) for the digital factory: Digitalization is picking up speed. More and more devices and components across the entire value chain are generating important data – data that has to be quickly, efficiently, and securely transported, analyzed, and utilized for Industrie 4.0 and the Digital Enterprise. Achieving this requires high-performance industrial communication networks – and system interfaces. With SIMATIC NET, you benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of communications processors and PC software, as well as the extensive expertise of Siemens, the leading network provider. We’ll help you to perform your automation tasks quickly, dynamically, and economically.

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Product image Communications processor/CP for SIMATIC Basic Controllers

Communication for SIMATIC Basic Controllers

Communication modules for SIMATIC S7-1200 Basic Controllers

SIMATIC S7-1200 Basic Controllers are ideal for automation tasks in the low to medium performance range. Suitable communication modules for the S7-1200 maximize network flexibility, increase communications security, and reduce wiring overhead.


The CP 1243-1 communications processor enables the S7-1200 to be connected to a Telecontrol control center via an IP-based network and permits protected access to the S7-1200 via VPN technology and firewall. With the compact CSM 1277 Industrial Ethernet switch, the Ethernet interface of the SIMATIC S7-1200 can be multiplied to enable simultaneous communication with control units and programming devices, other controllers, or the office world.

Product image Communications processor/CP for SIMATIC Advanced Controllers

Communication for SIMATIC Advanced Controllers

Communications processors for SIMATIC S7-1500/400/300 Advanced Controllers

SIMATIC Advanced Controllers are ideal for automating complete production plants and applications with extremely high demands on performance, flexibility, and connectivity. But the requirements for the automation network are growing, as are the requirements for data transmission.


That’s why CPs for the SIMATIC S7-1500, S7-400, and S7-300 Advanced Controllers offer you additional functions for maximizing the flexibility and performance of Advanced Controllers.

Communications processor/CP for SIMATIC Distributed Controllers

Communication for SIMATIC Distributed Controllers

Communications processors for Distributed Controllers based on SIMATIC ET 200SP

SIMATIC Distributed Controllers are the ideal controllers for machines with a distributed architecture and for series machines with limited space availability. They combine the advantages of a SIMATIC S7-1500 with the extremely compact design of a SIMATIC ET 200SP. Special CPs further expand the range of possible applications – for example, through additional communication interfaces and security functions.


In this way, the CP 1542SP-1 flexibly expands the ET 200SP system with additional Industrial Ethernet interfaces – making it ideal for setting up identical machines with the same IP addresses through network separation. And thanks to enhanced security functions, the CP 1543SP-1 protects SIMATIC ET 200SP Distributed Controllers against unauthorized access.

Product image of the Communications processor/CP and software for SIMATIC PGs/PCs/IPCs

Communication for SIMATIC PGs/PCs/IPCs

Communications processors and software for PGs/PCs/IPCs

For the optimized connection of field PGs, PCs, and industrial PCs (IPCs) to industrial communication networks, SIMATIC NET offers you reliable, high-performance PC communications processors as well as a variety of PC software packages – for both Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET.


What should it be? A CP for PCI, PCI-104, or PCI Express? Versions with or without their own microprocessor? Software with a PROFINET IO controller function, development kits for integrating PROFINET CPs into non-Windows operating system environments? Or software for interfacing to PCs, PGs, and workstations with SIMATIC S7? Here you’ll find all this and more relating to communication for SIMATIC PCs:

Communications processors

High-performance communication for SIMATIC – best connections for industrial networks

Flexibly usable and easy to integrate into the system environment: Each individual SIMATIC communications processor contributes to a flexible, high-performance industrial communication network. Regardless of differences, all the CPs relieve your controller’s CPU of communications tasks and facilitate additional connections. They also implement connections both at the automation level and to the IT world and up into the cloud.

Optimal interface for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industrial digitalization requires high-performance communication networks. Machines, plants, and robots are becoming increasingly communication-capable. The goal is shorter lead times, minimized downtimes, greater efficiency and utilization, and more flexibility for individualized, sustainable production. The requisite data streams and the IIoT require an infrastructure that can handle a seamless horizontal and vertical exchange of data – in other words, high-performance industrial networks.


The system interfaces for SIMATIC permit an optimized network design – with greater performance, flexibility, and security. Whether for Basic Controllers, Advanced Controllers, Distributed Controllers, PGs, PCs, or industrial PCs, SIMATIC NET offers you a variety of communications processors. For example, with each CP you gain additional Industrial Ethernet or PROFINET interfaces, security functions, and possibilities for connecting to ERP and MES systems or the cloud.

Learn more about CPs:

Brochure: SIMATIC Controllers


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