Commissioning and diagnostics tool for PROFINET networks

Simply commission your PROFINET network and check the distributed I/Os – without PLC.

For your PROFINET network

How the professionals analyze and test

PRONETA is a free tool that supports you in the analysis and configuration of PROFINET networks, with special support for ET 200 distributed I/Os. The I/O Test enables quick and convenient testing and documentation of a plant’s wiring.

Commissioning and diagnostics tool for PROFINET networks

PRONETA simplifies commissioning and configuration of your PROFINET network. The topology of your network is read automatically. You can manually adapt the address parameters of every PROFINET device or simply apply the parameters from a template, which can also be created with PRONETA.


You can use PRONETA to configure, control, and monitor I/O modules of the SIMATIC ET 200SP, ET200M, ET 200MP, ET 200AL, ET 200eco PN, and ET 200S distributed I/O systems. The test results are provided in an easy-to-view log.


With PRONETA, the configuration and testing of your control cabinet can begin during installation. This means there is nothing more in the way of fast and successful commissioning!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fast automation: To generate the topology overview, PRONETA automatically scans the PROFINET network and all connected components. The comparison between the actual installation and a reference plant is also quick and convenient.
  • Fast and reliable testing: When you want to test the wiring of a plant and module configuration of the components, PRONETA ensures that the connections between distributed I/O components and their sensors and actuators have been wired correctly.
  • Simply get started: Perform all tasks even before a CPU has been integrated into the network. You don’t need any other engineering tools or hardware!


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