SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET connection and digital screen of the TIA Portal

Less wiring and more flexibility for commanding and signaling devices

Conventional wiring is time-consuming and has a large potential for a wide range of errors during installation and commissioning. In combination with PROFINET modules, you save on complex wiring and take full advantage of the benefits of digital technology.
Technical specifications for SIRIUS ACT

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SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET – BELFOR DeHaDe relies on complete connectivity!

BELFOR DeHaDe GmbH specializes in machine revamping, overhauling and restoration as well as modernization and automation. The company brought a machine tool for machining giant gas turbine rotors in the gas turbine factory in Berlin fully up to date. This included the use of SIRIUS ACT commanding and signaling devices in combination with PROFINET.


The advantage of this combination is that it not only reduces installation costs, but also allows direct connection of the commanding and signaling devices to the machine control via PROFINET and thus a high level of flexibility and expandability. So, this is a highly flexible turbo solution. According to BELFOR DeHaDe General Manager Detlef Müller, "this combination already proves very useful with just three or four pushbuttons". Users also benefit from comprehensive diagnostics from the time of installation in the factory.

Flexibility during wiring, parameterization and troubleshooting

Minimum wiring and communication capability

The combination of SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET allows switches, buttons, indicator lights, emergency stop devices and other components to be wired to each other via a ribbon cable and a through-connection and connected to the machine control via the PROFINET interface module and a connector. Up to twenty modules can be connected in series via the interface module. The connection to the machine control is thus easier for standard automation and for safety engineering. Everything is possible from small up to complex input stations, and even combinations with HMI touch screens and industrial PCs can be easily realized.

Extended diagnostics and parameterization options in the TIA Portal

With the flexible PROFINET solution in combination with the TIA Portal, control panel and machine builders are optimally equipped for current and future requirements due to Industry 4.0 and the advances in digitalization. The functionality includes programming, parameterization, visualization and safety engineering. Another advantage involves “options handling” which means that the maximum stage can be programmed for different expansion stages of machines and plants.

Quick troubleshooting and easy replacement of faulty devices thanks to PROFINET

Whether during initial installation, commissioning or in the event of a fault – the user can immediately locate the source of error: Either via diagnostics messages in the TIA Portal (these can also be read out centrally in a control room) or via the red flashing diagnostics LEDs on the terminal and interface modules. Green LEDs show that everything is OK, as soon as voltage is applied to the interface module. This way, both a possible device replacement and the rectification of a wiring error can be quickly carried out without any additional software support or special expertise.

Test our digital communication solution

Starter Kit

Easy PROFINET connection to a SIMATIC HMI panel

Using the “Extension Unit Box” for SIMATIC HMI PRO devices as an example we will show:

  • the connection of the PROFINET interface module to the individual terminal modules via ribbon cable
  • the connection of the HMI panel and the power supply

The box offers enough space for your individual SIRIUS ACT commanding and signaling devices and PROFINET modules, which can be individually modified for your application.

More information on the advantages of SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET

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