Roller conveyor in steel industry

Space-saving drives for roller conveyors

Enormous masses are moved in rolling mills. Nevertheless, it is still possible to set up a compact drive solution in the control cabinet using flexible devices.
All technical data for SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starters

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Impressive SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starters versatility in a new drive solution

The Duisburg-based company E.I.M.G. in northwest Germany specializes in special-purpose machine manufacturing and plant engineering. Together with Siemens, their experts for drive technology developed a space-saving and cost-effective drive solution for automating a roller conveyor table in the steel industry. In use besides contactors, safety relays and motor starter groups: the SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter.

The decisive factor for this choice was above all the option of integrating the communication-capable devices into higher-level systems in the future. Another plus factor: its low space requirements.



Since we build our switchboards ourselves, the small footprint of the 3RW55 was particularly attractive. Compared to a converter, we needed around 30% less space in the control cabinet.
Dirk Bullmann, electrical engineer and managing director of E.I.M.G. GmbH company.

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