Three-phase asynchronous motors with digital layer

SIRIUS Hybrid Starter Kits

Test the SIRIUS motor and soft starters with price advantage as the optimal drive solution for your application.

Find the most suitable starter kit for your motor starting application

SIRIUS 3RW55 soft starter 

Test the 3RW55 all-rounder with its simple commissioning options. Highest functionality even with difficult start-up and run-down processes. Integrated additional functions such as pump cleaning, pump stop, automatic parameterization, condition monitoring for smooth operation.

SIMATIC ET 200SP motor starter 

Test this perfect motor starter solution as direct or reversing starter in only 30mm width in the control environment. Simply plug together without control wiring. Profit from a self-assembling power bus. Configured with a few mouse clicks in the TIA Portal.

SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starter 

Test our smallest motor starter as direct or reversing starter, with or without safety function in only 22.5mm width in your application up to 3 kW motor power. Motor protection with a wide setting range from 1.6 to 10 A, a comfortable energy infeed possible in combination with the 3RV infeed system.