Condition monitoring for high operational reliability

Failures of the entire plant can lead to noticeable production interruptions. The integrated current measurement of the 3RW52 soft starters works preventively for you and ensures that these problems can be anticipated in time.

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The decisive advantage is the integrated current measurement

INperfektion GmbH in Wegberg, Germany, is a smithy of ideas, which develops electro-technical automation solutions for a wide variety of industries. One of their most recent projects is the equipping of an approximately 80 meter long rolled steel binding and packaging line for Tilgert Walzwerksmaschinenbau GmbH in Iserlohn, Germany. The central components of this venture are two new Sirius 3RW52 soft starters from Siemens, which control the two hydraulic pumps with 45 kW output of the central hydraulic system. The integrated current measurement function is a decisive advantage of these products over other solutions, as the project engineering manager Tom Otto at INperfektion confirms. On the device display, the values can be read directly by the operating personnel and sent to the control system via an analog output. This provides the operator with valuable information on the condition of the hydraulics system, which ultimately increases availability and helps to save operating costs.

We receive important conclusions about the pump status via the current measurement function integrated in the soft starter.
Tom Otto, Project Manager INperfektion GmbH

The integrated current measurement function of the 3RW52 soft starters

The new Sirius 3RW52 soft starters from the General Performance series measure the current average phase currents for L1, L2 and L3 with their 3-phase motor control. Using the integrated current measurement function, overcurrent that may occur in the range from zero to 700 percent of the set rated current can be displayed. The value is shown on the corresponding HMI (operator unit), which can be used as a display or operator keypad. "Operating personnel can thus read changes directly on the central hydraulic system and initiate corresponding actions," explains Tom Otto. The new 3RW52 soft starters provide the user with added value without additional expense, because the integrated current measurement function is not only a necessary add-on in their application, but also saves time and costs.

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