Integration of SIMOCODE into MindSphere

Linking products, plants, systems and machines via a Cloud-based, open IoT (Internet of Things) operating system like MindSphere enables users to store the wealth of data provided in the Cloud, where it can then be processed and used for extensive analyses.
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The SIRIUS Asset Monitor MindSphere app provides condition and diagnostic data for optimal plant operation

The SIRIUS Asset Monitor MindSphere app brings transparency to low-voltage equipment in plants. The SIMOCODE pro motor management system delivers detailed information that contributes to optimal plant operation, efficient maintenance planning and successful energy monitoring. The app enables access to the SIMOCODE pro motor management system anytime and anywhere. It provides the user with detailed information on the equipment status as well as fault messages and alerts. The application gives a clear picture of the events that lead to faults, thus allowing long-term optimization of operation and maintenance. SIRIUS Asset Monitor also gives an overview of values such as energy consumption, active power and apparent power, which in turn can be used for energy monitoring.

What functions does SIRIUS Asset Monitor offer?

SIRIUS Asset Monitor can be used to monitor pump and other applications with which the SIMOCODE pro motor management system protects, monitors or controls a fixed-speed motor. Data from SIMOCODE pro is stored long-term and processed without additional parameterization work to provide clearly structured diagnoses of the current status and history analyses. The app provides the following functions:
  • Intuitively add new devices to MindSphere with all predefined data points required for the app 
  • Overview of Device diagnosis in terms of events and time stamping as Status graph
  • Historical device status over the selected Observation Period
  • Duration of events per day over the selected time period for supporting failure detection
  • Detailed status of the devices like operating cycles, operating hours, Asset health, Load Range Distribution
  • Status graph about selectable parameters like current, power and cos phi
  • Additional Information about the device status
  • Visualizing the consumed energy over selected time frame to get an easy overview of consumption per day
  • Detailed visualization, if dry running protection was triggered, together with course of the load
  • Extensive historical operating state of device

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