Blocked pumps are a thing of the past

SIMOCODE pro solution for blocked pumps. Every water utility is familiar with the problem of a blocked pump and the possible consequences. Environmental impacts, damage due to flooding, as well as health hazards associated with the lifting and cleaning of pumps. Added to this are the financial effects of a plant shutdown. In their search for a suitable solution, operators take various approaches into account, such as the over-dimensioning of pumps. The removal of blockages is often a routine service task.
Technical specifications for SIMOCODE pro

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The water utility Anglian Water tests SIMOCODE pro

After a test run with SIMOCODE pro, Anglian Water, a leading British water utility, has shown that pump blockages are a thing of the past: Straight after using it, the operator noticed a considerably higher operational current. When the direction of rotation was reversed, this decreased significantly. The blockage was cleared! Looking back after six months, Anglian Water has had less blockages and lower operating costs and is convinced that blockages no longer need to occur.
"The true benefit is being able to use a standard product that can be adapted precisely to our requirements."
Lorenzo Pompa, engineer at Anglian Water

How can the availability of a pump be increased with SIMOCODE pro?

The intelligent SIMOCODE pro motor management system monitors current values and the power factor in order to be able to derive the pump status. Once a defined threshold is reached, SIMOCODE pro autonomously reverses the direction of rotation of the pump using a configurable internal logic to remove the deposits from the impeller blades.
SIMOCODE pro V: Avoid pump blockages by changing the direction of rotation

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