Panel builder

Save time when building control panels! #BeSIRIUS

Constructing a control panel can take a considerable time. The more components have to be installed and wired in, the more time is required. SIRIUS Industrial Controls speed up this process and provide support for a quick setup.

4 + 1 control panels in the same time

We are continuously working on making the assembly and installation of our switching devices as quick and easy as possible. In doing so, we have achieved time savings of up to 25% in the assembly. In other words: In the time it used to take to assemble 4 control panels, you can now install 5 control panels.

Faster than ever before with spring-loaded connections

All SIRIUS switching components can be wired using the fast-spring-loaded connection system. This eliminates the nuisance of screw terminals for you. Moreover, the spring-loaded connections are considerably faster to install than conventional screw connections, but just as strong and resistant to vibration.

Fail-safe power infeed - plugging in instead of wiring

The SIRIUS 3RV29 infeed system establishes the electrical connection of your load feeders via cable connectors. This plug-in connection eliminates the need for time-consuming wiring. Assembly is possible quickly and reliably, virtually without any tools, and allows for flexible extension.