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Modernizing the safety technology of production plants

Standards and guidelines for functional safety change frequently. Flexible and integrated solutions are required to meet more stringent future requirements.
Highlights of SIRIUS 3SK2

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Modular solution for both simple and complex safety concepts

GKD – Gebr. Küfferath AG is a manufacturer of high-quality metal and plastic mesh for industrial and architectural applications. At its headquarters in Düren there are several hundred weaving machines, some of which have been developed in-house.


The company is gradually modernizing the production plant's safety technology so that additional safety functions can be implemented in accordance with the EN ISO 13849 standard. The decisive factor is that there is an integrated solution for every application – no matter how big or small. And those in charge at GKD have found this solution: the flexible SIRIUS 3SK2 safety relays and the modular SIRIUS 3RK3 safety system.

Having an efficient and cost-effective solution at our disposal, based on conventional safety technology for every application or every retrospective system expansion, is a crucial factor for us in this regard.
Ludwig Johnen, Head of Electrical Maintenance at GKD – Gebr. Küfferath AG

Convincing features for greater machine safety

The modular functions of the Siemens safety relays offer additional safety in accordance with the EN ISO 13849 standard. These offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for existing systems and applications or those expanded at a later date. The GKD application example shows which cases each safety product can be used for.

Use of Siemens safety relays at GKD


(22.5 mm wide)


(45 mm wide)


(MSS Advanced)





Outputs (safety-related, two-channel)



Up to 50
Independent enabling circuits



Over 50
Applications at GKD
For smaller machines / systems
For medium-sized machines / systems
For larger quantity frameworks / weaving machines
Main reason for use at GKD
Narrower design
Narrower design with large number of inputs and outputs
Extensive expansion options

Thanks to the SIRIUS Safety ES software, the complete safety system is integrated and flexible, which is a great advantage for GKD. This makes configuration, programming and visualization easy for the SIRIUS 3SK and 3RK3 devices. The software has its own function blocks for the light barrier or the position switches. And if particular work steps should start later or not stop immediately, ON- or OFF-delays can be stored in the software for SIRIUS 3SK2.


What is more, the software allows the status quo to be determined quickly. A notebook or tablet can be connected to the 3SK2 via a USB port and the device status can be read out – even before commissioning.

In addition, GKD has recently started using SIRIUS ACT commanding and signaling devices – not only because of their high IP69K degree of protection and excellent resistance to media. Moreover, SIRIUS 3SE5 position switches could be flexibly connected to the safety systems to safeguard the entire production, including safety doors, etc.


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